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Dirty Little 'Nade Spam

Yes... I know how dirty this is. That's exactly the point. To be honest, I had A LOT of fun doing this, because I never expected how succesful it would be after I joined the server at the end of a game. Though the idea was to demonstrate the grenade SPAM ability while recording for Mikee (the NWI community manager) and show just how overpowered it is. I showed this video to Mikee immediately after uploading and it has since been patched. Good news! As you can see it's incredible. My highest kill streak is 29... I almost beat it using nothing but grenades and I joined at the last objective.

If you are sitting there shaking your head, wishing I had a taste of my own medicine, believe me. I have! With almost 1800 hours in the game, despite not playing it for several months, I have encountered my fair share of griefing and exploit issues. More than not, on the receiving end. Let's all be greatful this is no longer an issue.