Pacific Gaming League is developing a new framework, integrating our Website with our Discord for PUGs, events, team management and more! This will come with the deployment of WarBot, a Discord bot by PacificGL that's set for release in Dec '19.

Meanwhile, Pacific Gaming League are using Discord for everything, but you can still access our archived site for old information. So come and join us in Discord and get involved today!

PacificGL Discord!

Pacific Gaming League now have an Official Discord Server!


Introducing Discord for PacificGL

PacificGL currently run a TeamSpeak that dates back to Insurgency ANZ and its predecessors. Joinable by connecting to in your TS3 Client, or ts3server:// in your browser, it is popular for PUGs and other events, as well as the regulars who use it for social gaming on a daily basis. Many people however, are transitioning programs, or skipping TeamSpeak entirely and going straight to Discord. With the ability to connect via your browser, without the need to download an app or register (though it is recommended) and a slightly more user friendly interface, it is understandable that more people are starting to prefer Discord over TeamSpeak, every day.

Though the pros didn't outweigh the cons for quite some time, staff have been keeping an eye on Discord and the community numbers utilising it. We believe that it is time to offer an alternative to TeamSpeak and have therefore set up a Discord server, joinable by a direct invite from members, or going to The slider for Discord and other social links, on the side of our website can also launch the app or take you to the server in your web browser. This means that anyone can connect without downloading the program, simply by entering a temporary username when first connecting.

Members of the community and the public are welcome to use either TeamSpeak 3 or Discord (or both). Eventually we will be considering the shutdown of the TS3 server, though there are no immediate plans. TeamSpeak users are encouraged to give Discord a shot and staff members are more than happy to help provide a smooth transition for you, or for those newcomers, introduce you to the community. I myself wasn't sold for a while, but the admin interface has improved and the features are being optomised if not already. I will be floating around in both servers on most days. Feel free to talk to me about getting started or other ways I can help. There are a lot of cool features!

Though it is not required for joining the Discord and using basic channels and functionality, we strongly recommend signing up for an account and downloading the app. This means you can be assigned permissions and roles, access more channels and use Push-To-Talk without having your browser open and active on Discord. Users with a registered account will be assigned to the @Members role/group enabling access to the Members Lounge voice channel and the use of Voice Activity (Voice Level Detection). Just join the #support text channel and mention @Mods to be assigned to this group.


How Does Discord Work?

  • Right side has a list of online members and groups/roles. Right click on yourself or others for a list of options
  • Middle is the chatroom / #text-channel you are currently in
  • Left side contains a list of #text-channels, Voice channels, and at the bottom you can find your user settings
  • Far left pane icons are the servers that you've joined, while the top one contains private messages
  • For more features and a better interface, download the free app for Discord. It makes things easier

Discord users will have the ability to be in 2 channels at once. One is a #text-channel and the other a Voice channel. You can read and reply to messages in a #text-channel, without being in a Voice channel. You can also switch #text-channels while staying in the same Voice channel, as they are independent of eachother.

The #discussion channel is the General Chat equivalent of TeamSpeak, but limited to text only, similar to the main thread you would find in most forums. Feel free to talk about anything on or off topic. Please make sure to be respectful of others and in all ways, abide by the rules of the server. Updated rules can always be found under the #rules channel.

Be sure to check #announcements for important news and updates from staff. When in need of assistance, including the assignment of permissions, be sure to message the appropriate person/people via the #support channel. Information regarding this can be found in that channel, including how to mention/tag individuals and groups.

We trust everyone to be respectful of eachother and towards staff. The Discord Server is PUBLIC for anyone participating in Pacific Gaming League events or simply wishing to utilise our features. We do however ask that you do not abuse this privilege and consider registering for our website and get involved in the community.