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17 Jun 2018 20:00 - Dr. Ace Misanthrope

Pacific Gaming League are happy to announce an Insurgency Oceanic Knockout. Registrations are now open! Whether you play Coop or PVP and whether you are new or experienced, be sure to take part in this weekend event. Played on the weekends of 7th July & 14th July, all players with 150ms of ping on Sydney, Australian servers, are welcome to create or join a team.

02 Apr 2018 12:00 - Dr. Ace Misanthrope

10 weeks after the event began, all matches have concluded and the winners have been declared. Congratulations to Ignition 5 (EU) for their 2-0 victory in the Grand Final over the previously undefeated Impact (OC)!

30 Mar 2018 12:00 - Dr. Ace Misanthrope

It's been 9 weeks and the Grand-Final is here! Impact will take on Ignition 5 for the title as International Champions, this Sunday at 2100 AEST, while MDMA will face off against SwaggMoneyBallers, fighting for 3rd place. Well done to those teams that made it to Playoffs and the other teams for giving it their best shot. We hope everyone had fun, but there can be only 1 winner!

14 Feb 2018 12:23 - Dr. Ace Misanthrope

We are into Week #4 for the Insurgency International Open. Some teams are beginning to pull ahead and show their strengths early, while others are knuckling down their training to make the cut for Semi's. With 2 regions finishing their matches last week and EU still to go until Week #7, who will make it?

28 Jan 2018 23:50 - Dr. Ace Misanthrope

We're at the end of Week #1 for the Insurgency International Open. Rosters are in, games are underway and 16 teams across 3 divisions, are competing for finals in Week #8. 4 teams will make it through, but only 1 will be victorious!

22 Jan 2018 16:26 - Dr. Ace Misanthrope

The Insurgency International Open is now live! Team Captains must now organise their week 1 games with their opposition and report the details in Discord's #scores. Good luck to everyone and most importantly, have fun. Please note; some teams are still being accepted for 6 more days. Find out more!

14 Jan 2018 18:12 - Dr. Ace Misanthrope

The Insurgency International Open starts 22nd of January, but registrations lock this Sunday 21st @ 1AM AEDT! Register an account and be signed up for the event, ASAP. Team Captains must create a team and register it for the season. Players must visit their team's page and join to be accepted and added to the roster by your Captain. See you there!

19 Dec 2017 02:49 - Dr. Ace Misanthrope

The Insurgency International Open! The International Season starts on the 22nd of January and registrations are now open! Register an account and be signed up for the event, ASAP. Frequent our Insurgency news section and be sure to visit the event page itself as rules and information gets updated. See you there!

13 Dec 2017 20:17 - Dr. Ace Misanthrope is back in 2018 with a Revival Tournament. This is not a Pacific Gaming League event, but we are happy to promote it as an opportunity for our overseas gamers, especially given their support for our 4th Oceanic Season. Their event is on the 20th & 21st of January 2018 and open to NA, SA & EU players. But there is something else coming in January for all Insurgency players too...

10 Jun 2017 00:09 - Dr. Ace Misanthrope

PacificGL run a TeamSpeak that is popular for PUGs and events, as well as daily regulars. Many people however, have been raving about Discord. With the ability to connect via your browser, without registration or downloading an app, Discord is an easy to use VOIP Server and we now offer one to the public!

03 Jun 2017 00:11 - Dr. Ace Misanthrope

As our older members will know, but the newcomers wont, Pacific Gaming League recently went live with the updates to our site. With our goal being a more professional feel, easier registration and the ability to host a wider range of events, we are very pleased to bring you the new look and framework.

28 Nov 2016 18:44 - Dr. Ace Misanthrope

With 5 teams in competition for the title of Insurgency Oceanic Champions, the battle was fierce, with Core Five making it into the finals but Fascists taking the crown with an undefeated season, repeating the history of Season 5, where Unknown Tyrants first pulled it off. Truely showing their unstoppable force, Fascists defeated cF 11-3 in the finals, played out on Embassy.

04 Sep 2016 02:00 - Dr. Ace Misanthrope

Season 6 starts tomorrow! (5th Sept 16), so register a competitive profile and have your team signed up, or contact Solusvod to be placed in one. This season may be our last for Insurgency 2014, at least for some time, so make sure you don't miss out! Frequent our Insurgency news section and be sure to visit the season itself and register. As rules and information gets updated, you can find it under the Rules tab of Insurgency (5v5) Season #6.

22 Aug 2016 02:00 - Dr. Ace Misanthrope

With a successful season 5 behind us, desire for the next season has not subsided. Season 6 will be coming and it's set to be a battle of some of the toughest teams we have seen yet.

04 Jun 2016 14:44 - Dr. Ace Misanthrope

After a fierce battle throughout the season, continuing into playoffs, amongst some of our top teams, season 5 has come to an end leaving only one victor. Congratulations to Unknown Tyrants for their undefeated season, the first of it's kind.

06 Mar 2016 21:58 - Dr. Ace Misanthrope

Season 5 starts tomorrow! (7th March 16), so register a competitive profile and have your team signed up, or contact Solusvod to be placed in one. This season is set to be a good one, so make sure you don't miss out on anything. Frequent our Insurgency news section and be sure to visit the season itself. As rules and information gets updated, you can find it under the Rules tab of Insurgency 5v5 Season #5.

06 Feb 2016 20:22 - Dr. Ace Misanthrope

With the establishment of PGL and shutdown of InsANZ there has been a quieter scene for Insurgency, in terms of competitions and events. Regardless, it seems like every day the TeamSpeak is full of people wanting to PUG and scrim. Well the good news is... Soon they can actually compete. Season 5 is in the works and will be run via our own PGL website. Rules, information, announcements, user registration, team management, matchmaking and more will all be available here at PGL. This season will be a standard 5v5 Firefight tournament and more details can be found under the Insurgency section of our website including all rules.

06 Feb 2016 17:28 - Dr. Ace Misanthrope

On 25 April 2015, Insurgency was released in "Early Access". After the mod, released in October 2007, the wait for a standalone version was something that was killing everyone. With a few bugs and half the weapons and maps it has today, it still managed to attract a lot of attention from the older gamers. On 22 Jan 2014, the full release launched on Steam and it grew again in popularity, eventually leading to a request for a competitive scene in Oceania. Our members stepped forward and Oz Insurgency was formed.

02 Feb 2016 11:21 - Solusvod

Insurgency is a modern military shooter, with an emphasis on fast paced action and more realism than most of its kind. Low time to kill (TTK) combined with expansive close quarters and open maps provides players with a wealth of multiplayer content to experience. There are multiple game modes on public servers catering to many different styles of play from single life, objective based and wave based game modes. Push is the most popular and most played game mode on public servers, requires a level of co-ordination, team work and communication among players, especially on a 32 slot server! This features attackers and defenders with four objectives to capture and defend, one at a time. Successfully winning a round will require good use of smoke cover, grenades and covering fire to allow teams to successfully attack or defend an objective.

02 Feb 2016 11:21 - Dr. Ace Misanthrope

The Pacific Gaming League hosts public and private servers for Insurgency, a modern military shooter with realistic elements. It combines low time to kill (ttk) gameplay with an emphasis on team play and co-ordinated strategy. It is highly competitive and unforgiving, striking a balance between one-life gameplay and prolonged action.

01 Feb 2016 08:39 - Dr. Ace Misanthrope

Pacific Gaming League Needs You!

Here at PGL, we believe that our best asset is the community. Before any decisions are made, community feedback is gathered and considered and it greatly affects the way we expand into games, host competitive seasons and configure out servers. The Staff of PGL are comprised entirely of passionate members of the community who have volunteered and/or been selected to manage certain aspects of the community. Our goal is to continue to do exactly this.

31 Jan 2016 08:39 - Dr. Ace Misanthrope

The Pacific Gaming League [PGL or PacificGL] is the home of casual and competitive gamers in the Pacific.

We strive to provide a fun and friendly social environment to the gaming community and endeavour for an enjoyable competitive experience for those with a passion for intensity. We host competitive and casual servers across a number of games and genres, for the best possible experience for our player base.

PacificGL Discord!

Pacific Gaming League now have an Official Discord Server!


Introducing Discord for PacificGL

PacificGL currently run a TeamSpeak that dates back to Insurgency ANZ and its predecessors. Joinable by connecting to in your TS3 Client, or ts3server:// in your browser, it is popular for PUGs and other events, as well as the regulars who use it for social gaming on a daily basis. Many people however, are transitioning programs, or skipping TeamSpeak entirely and going straight to Discord. With the ability to connect via your browser, without the need to download an app or register (though it is recommended) and a slightly more user friendly interface, it is understandable that more people are starting to prefer Discord over TeamSpeak, every day.

Though the pros didn't outweigh the cons for quite some time, staff have been keeping an eye on Discord and the community numbers utilising it. We believe that it is time to offer an alternative to TeamSpeak and have therefore set up a Discord server, joinable by a direct invite from members, or going to The slider for Discord and other social links, on the side of our website can also launch the app or take you to the server in your web browser. This means that anyone can connect without downloading the program, simply by entering a temporary username when first connecting.

Members of the community and the public are welcome to use either TeamSpeak 3 or Discord (or both). Eventually we will be considering the shutdown of the TS3 server, though there are no immediate plans. TeamSpeak users are encouraged to give Discord a shot and staff members are more than happy to help provide a smooth transition for you, or for those newcomers, introduce you to the community. I myself wasn't sold for a while, but the admin interface has improved and the features are being optomised if not already. I will be floating around in both servers on most days. Feel free to talk to me about getting started or other ways I can help. There are a lot of cool features!

Though it is not required for joining the Discord and using basic channels and functionality, we strongly recommend signing up for an account and downloading the app. This means you can be assigned permissions and roles, access more channels and use Push-To-Talk without having your browser open and active on Discord. Users with a registered account will be assigned to the @Members role/group enabling access to the Members Lounge voice channel and the use of Voice Activity (Voice Level Detection). Just join the #support text channel and mention @Mods to be assigned to this group.


How Does Discord Work?

  • Right side has a list of online members and groups/roles. Right click on yourself or others for a list of options
  • Middle is the chatroom / #text-channel you are currently in
  • Left side contains a list of #text-channels, Voice channels, and at the bottom you can find your user settings
  • Far left pane icons are the servers that you've joined, while the top one contains private messages
  • For more features and a better interface, download the free app for Discord. It makes things easier

Discord users will have the ability to be in 2 channels at once. One is a #text-channel and the other a Voice channel. You can read and reply to messages in a #text-channel, without being in a Voice channel. You can also switch #text-channels while staying in the same Voice channel, as they are independent of eachother.

The #discussion channel is the General Chat equivalent of TeamSpeak, but limited to text only, similar to the main thread you would find in most forums. Feel free to talk about anything on or off topic. Please make sure to be respectful of others and in all ways, abide by the rules of the server. Updated rules can always be found under the #rules channel.

Be sure to check #announcements for important news and updates from staff. When in need of assistance, including the assignment of permissions, be sure to message the appropriate person/people via the #support channel. Information regarding this can be found in that channel, including how to mention/tag individuals and groups.

We trust everyone to be respectful of eachother and towards staff. The Discord Server is PUBLIC for anyone participating in Pacific Gaming League events or simply wishing to utilise our features. We do however ask that you do not abuse this privilege and consider registering for our website and get involved in the community.