Welcome to Pacific Gaming League

The Pacific Gaming League [PGL or PacificGL] is the home of casual and competitive gamers in the Pacific.

We strive to provide a fun and friendly social environment to the gaming community and endeavour for an enjoyable competitive experience for those with a passion for intensity. We host competitive and casual servers across a number of games and genres, for the best possible experience for our player base.

Founded in early 2016, by the admins of Insurgency ANZ and associates, in order to cater to a larger community and the players needs, The PGL has already had experience hosting multiple competitive Insurgency seasons, dozens of servers in a number of games and has built a large and constantly growing community, with many competitive teams, clans and social groups.

The community TeamSpeak for all who wish to use it is ts.pacificgl.com and players seeking a competitive or even social experience, are encouraged to use this as much as possible, to help members get in touch with others, meet other clans and expand the community.

The PGL is always looking out for our community and is heavily invested in the development of more games. Feel free to contact any community staff members in regards to any questions, suggestions or discussions. The forum is a great place to post ideas and in addition to admins, other members can contribute to the discussion. Another way would be our Facebook Group. For a private discussion, you can use TeamSpeak or the Contact us by email.

This website was created over the span of 3 weeks by myself (Ace), in order to prevent paying $400-$2,200 on a website to the specifications we need, although some software needed to be purchased after all. As a result the site went live on 15 Feb 16 with basic features and content. The site is still expanding and being optimised, with major features and changes expected down the line, including integrated team/members area, independant matchmaking and tournament hosting, article structure and more. If you have any feedback, ideas or questions regarding the website and the expansion of PGL, please don't hesitate to contact us!

A fun and friendly gaming environment has always been InsANZ and PGL's number one priority. We do this because we want to improve the quality of gaming in the Pacific and we hope we are doing exactly that.