In ARK you can be anything. A lone wolf living independently crafting what you need to get by, or perhaps you would even prefer to offer your services and goods to others! With PVP available you could even join up with your friends and become a group of raiders/mercenaries who search through the jungles and hostile environments of the island, in search of other players and their gear. With all these features and so many things to do, ARK can get a bit confusing, especially for newer players. Don't worry though, have you covered!

With the establishment of PGL and shutdown of InsANZ there has been a quieter scene for Insurgency, in terms of competitions and events. Regardless, it seems like every day the TeamSpeak is full of people wanting to PUG and scrim. Well the good news is... Soon they can actually compete. Season 5 is in the works and will be run via our own PGL website. Rules, information, announcements, user registration, team management, matchmaking and more will all be available here at PGL. This season will be a standard 5v5 Firefight tournament and more details can be found under the Insurgency section of our website including all rules.

On 25 April 2015, Insurgency was released in "Early Access". After the mod, released in October 2007, the wait for a standalone version was something that was killing everyone. With a few bugs and half the weapons and maps it has today, it still managed to attract a lot of attention from the older gamers. On 22 Jan 2014, the full release launched on Steam and it grew again in popularity, eventually leading to a request for a competitive scene in Oceania. Our members stepped forward and Oz Insurgency was formed.

Insurgency is a modern military shooter, with an emphasis on fast paced action and more realism than most of its kind. Low time to kill (TTK) combined with expansive close quarters and open maps provides players with a wealth of multiplayer content to experience. There are multiple game modes on public servers catering to many different styles of play from single life, objective based and wave based game modes. Push is the most popular and most played game mode on public servers, requires a level of co-ordination, team work and communication among players, especially on a 32 slot server! This features attackers and defenders with four objectives to capture and defend, one at a time. Successfully winning a round will require good use of smoke cover, grenades and covering fire to allow teams to successfully attack or defend an objective.

The Pacific Gaming League hosts public and private servers for Insurgency, a modern military shooter with realistic elements. It combines low time to kill (ttk) gameplay with an emphasis on team play and co-ordinated strategy. It is highly competitive and unforgiving, striking a balance between one-life gameplay and prolonged action.

Squad is a tactical, large scale, first-person shooter, by Offworld Industries. It is the spiritual successor to the multi-award winning 'Project Reality' mod for Battlefield 2.

Waking up stranded, naked, freezing & starving on a mysterious island, you must hunt, harvest, craft items, grow crops, & build shelters to survive. Use skill & cunning to kill, tame, breed & ride Dinosaurs living on ARK. Become a solo survivour, battling the elements, dinosaurs and other players on your own, or team up with other PGL members and thrive in a number of tribes, while working together to tame, build and level up. Got a taste for blood? With PVP enabled, grab your best outfit and weapons, then set out on a base raid against that rival tribe.

Rainbow Six Siege is played by a number of PGL members. TeamSpeak is a great place to join other players as they take on the intense, high stakes, objective based action that Siege entails. Although Siege features a ranked matchmaking, the restriction to server hosting, as well as Ubisoft issues and hackers, means PGL is unlikely to fully support this game with a competitive season. But do not fear! Companies like ESL are launching competititve Siege across the globe and with the addition of a solid anti-cheat, it's expected to be an enjoyable scene. For more information on this, stay tuned and PGL will keep you up to date!