R6:Siege PUG Nights

A while ago, PGL community member Gio created the Facebook group for passionate Rainbow Six Siege fans (Oceanic R6:Siege [All Platforms]). There will be a number of PUG nights for R6S organised through this group and shared by Pacific Gaming Leauge. The first of many is now here.

A PUG (Pick Up Group) night means people can team up, or be placed in teams randomly, to play R6:Siege in a friendly environment. They will be using the ESL rules (with the exception of having the killcam on) for the PUGs.

Simply join the Discord (https://discord.gg/0jwBG71B7EtXFrGt) at the designated time in the R6:Siege Lobby channel to take part.

Even Page Here: https://www.facebook.com/events/855899831199029/

PUG is 6pm AEST / 7pm AEDT / 9pm NZDT (Thursday 18/02)

Event Time Converter

For future PUGs, just stay tuned in their Facebook Group, Discord or organise one through PGL! Happy gaming!