Insurgency: Sandstorm (5v5) Season #1




Competitive Insurgency: Sandstorm in a 5v5 Firefight format.
PacificGL hosts the Oceanic competitive Sandstorm scene and has supported it since pre-release, dating back Insurgency ANZ in 2015-2016.
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[PacificGL] Insurgency: Sandstorm (5v5) Season #1!

Competitive Insurgency: Sandstorm in a 5v5 format

After hosting several successful seasons for the Australian and New Zealand Insurgency community, dating back to Insurgency ANZ, PacificGL are pleased to announce our intentions to host Insurgency: Sandstorm. Upon release of private hosting and a stable build, it is our hopes to offer you a competitive season. Stay tuned for more info as the game develops.

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