Rocket League Community Cup #1




Competitive Rocket League, in a 2v2 & 3v3 format.
PacificGL hosts an Oceanic/Pacific competitive Rocket League scene.
To get involved, simply create an account and register for the event.
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Rank Teams Won Lost Played For - Against Points Last 5
1 HADES & Shaydos 4 0 4 25 - 5 12 WWWW?
2 Sabtas & ShibbY 3 1 4 19 - 14 9 LWWW?
3 Ace & Fisty 2 2 4 16 - 13 6 LWWL?
4 ARES & Dovidkin 1 3 4 8 - 20 3 WLLL?
5 Thrillzyy & Cambo 0 4 4 8 - 24 0 LLLL?

[PacificGL] Community Cup #1!

 Semi-competitive Rocket League in a 2v2 & 3v3 format.

A Rocket League Community Cup is similar to a Biweekly Battle but is a team event, without the planning of team rosters and training. Players simply register their interest, then show up for the event, to be placed into teams and compete. This allows newer and more experienced players, to be in a new environment and potentially more balanced teams. Therefore this is not a competitive "must win" event, but something to just be enjoyed and bring together new and old blood. 

Please note, this event requires players to join the team "Sign Me Up!" instead of registering directly for the event, or registering their own team. Team Leaders who register their own team, will be moved into the placeholder team for this event, like everyone else. As a result, the Get Started tutorial will be include different steps for registration and shouldn't be followed directly for this event. Simply register an account (if you haven't already), add your Steam Link to the Play! profile and then join the "Sign Me Up!" team in this event. Easy. Happy gaming!

To get involved, sign in/sign up and then REGISTER your interest.

Stay tuned for any changes or announcements and if you want to team up with others in Oceania or elsewhere, connect to or

1. Game Format

1. Game Format

1.1 Main Info

Gamemode: 1v1 Round Robin
Win Limit: Best of 1 (BO1)
Version: Live Steam Build

RL Community Bash #1 (Finals)