PGL Rocket League Drinking Game

Although we do not encourage the act of drinking, Pacific Gaming League host weekly nights of Shenanigans on Rocket League, run on either a Friday or Saturday night. This is a time for those of age, to stock up on their poison of choice and engage in some friendly gaming, with organised rules of when to drink.

If you do not drink, can't, or simply don't want to this time, please do not be afraid to join in the fun regardless, we just ask you to refrain from any judgement on those gradually (or rather rapidly) becoming inebriated. As our community caters to members of all ages, we do discourage under-age members from attending, if they are easily influenced or are too young to be surrounded by intoxicated players. If any under-age members are to attend, we ask you not to drink illegally and put us in an awkward position. In most cases, this isn't an issue and several nights of "PGL Rocket League Shenanigans" have taken place without a hitch, so we encourage more people to come join us, if this is the thing for you.

To take part, simply join the Rocket League channels of TeamSpeak ( at the designated time. Click attending on any event pages hosted by our Facebook Group, so we have a rough idea of numbers. Before reading the rules below and taking part, I would like to remind everyone to please drink responsibly and avoid pressuring anyone into drinking who doesn't want to. Anyone or anything getting out of hand will be dealt with by the PGL admin team.


Take 1 swig/shot when you:
- Miss the ball (on ground/air/regardless)
- Miss an open/easy goal
- Fail an easy save
- Return ball towards own goals / assist opponents goal
- Ram a teammate badly
- Leave goals prematurely (resulting in goal)
- General mistake
- Mention ping/lag
- Get Demo'd

Finish your drink when you:
- Own goal
- Lost the game

- All players must keep count of their own mistakes (Honour System)
- You must frink at the earliest break, not immediately (Eg. A goal is scored).
- You MUST finish your required drinks, before continuing to play after the goal replay.
- If you score, all mistakes made (eg. drinks required) are void for that section (not the whole game).

If you miss the ball 4 times and ram a teammate badly once, you must drink 5 times total, as soon as a goal is scored by either team. If a goal is scored and you are still drinking when the game resumes, you must keep drinking until all 5 are done, before continuing to play. If however, the goal was scored by you, those 5 drinks are void and you may continue playing, until more mistakes are made, resulting in you drinking later in the game.

For any questions, feel free to contact Ace, post in the Facebook Group when the events are announced or speak to our Head of Rocket League, ARES. Once again, all members are reminded to drink responsibly, legally and not to pressure others into drinking. Have fun, drink safe and happy gaming!