Community Bash #1

Rank Teams Won Lost Played For - Against Points Last 5
1 HADES & Shaydos 4 0 4 25 - 5 12 WWWW?
2 Sabtas & ShibbY 3 1 4 19 - 14 9 LWWW?
3 Ace & Fisty 2 2 4 16 - 13 6 LWWL?
4 ARES & Dovidkin 1 3 4 8 - 20 3 WLLL?
5 Thrillzyy & Cambo 0 4 4 8 - 24 0 LLLL?

[PacificGL] Rocket League Community Bash #1! Rookie, Pro or Champion, it doesn't matter. Come and join in on the Pacific Gaming League Community Bash, there is one TONIGHT @ 9pm AEDT! It's similar to a Biweekly Battle but is a team event, without the planning of team rosters and training. Simply register your interest, then show up in TeamSpeak for the event, to be placed into teams and compete. Find out more!

Attention Rocket League players! Win over $2000 playing Rocket League in the Mockit Championship Series 2. This is not a Pacific Gaming League event, but we are happy to promote it as an opportunity for our members. Event starts 27/07 so be quick!

Although we do not encourage the act of drinking, Pacific Gaming League host weekly nights of Shenanigans on Rocket League, run on either a Friday or Saturday night. This is a time for those of age, to stock up on their poison of choice and engage in some friendly gaming, with organised rules of when to drink.

An ever growing number of Pacific Gaming League members, have been playing Rocket League lately, often teaming up or against, other members. In an attempt to spark some friendly competition, as well as have a lot of fun, PacificGL have been hosting weekly, single night competitions, as well as nights of fun and other shenanigans. These events are open to all Rocket League players and soon will occur on a regular, structured basis, so you can be sure you don't miss out. We encourage you to invite your friends and take part, regardless of your skill level.

Soccer meets driving once again in the physics-based, multiplayer that causes far too many all-nighters! Choose a variety of high-flying vehicles with huge rocket boosters to score amazing aerial goals & pull-off incredible game-changing saves!

Past Rocket League

16th Dec
Winners: HADES & Shaydos

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