Squad is one of those games where at first you don't know what to do, but don't worry, because most will find the community of Squad is more then willing to teach new players and once you get the hang of it, you will never stop playing it. Much of Squad requires team work and coordination, which makes Squad very much a game of tactics and smarts. Having a decent and communicating team and squad, can mean the difference between victory or defeat!

Put simply, it's such an intense game that it will keep you on the edge of you're seat for hours on end! When you play Squad you feel like you're really there and that factors into Squads immersion. In fact Squad is such an exciting and intense experience that you will want to share you're own "war stories" with who ever will listen.

Playing on huge maps with 50v50 (Yes, that's right, 100 slot servers) is great fun and makes every life, crucial to your team and squads survival. Cover each others backs and work together to get out of each fire fight you encounter, in one piece! If you're someone who enjoyed ARMA 2 or Project Reality, you will love this perfect blend of both.

Many PGL members were in the closed pre-alpha and even more have joined up since with the release of Steam Early Access and you can too! Those who play Squad at PGL can't express enough, how great this game is, so it's recommended that you give it a go yourself, if you like first person shooters where teamwork is crucial then you will love Squad without a doubt. Good luck, happy gaming and hope to see you all on the battlefield!

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