Squad is a tactical, large scale, first-person shooter, by Offworld Industries. It is the spiritual successor to the multi-award winning 'Project Reality' mod for Battlefield 2.

Waking up stranded, naked, freezing & starving on a mysterious island, you must hunt, harvest, craft items, grow crops, & build shelters to survive. Use skill & cunning to kill, tame, breed & ride Dinosaurs living on ARK. Become a solo survivour, battling the elements, dinosaurs and other players on your own, or team up with other PGL members and thrive in a number of tribes, while working together to tame, build and level up. Got a taste for blood? With PVP enabled, grab your best outfit and weapons, then set out on a base raid against that rival tribe.

Rainbow Six Siege is played by a number of PGL members. TeamSpeak is a great place to join other players as they take on the intense, high stakes, objective based action that Siege entails. Although Siege features a ranked matchmaking, the restriction to server hosting, as well as Ubisoft issues and hackers, means PGL is unlikely to fully support this game with a competitive season. But do not fear! Companies like ESL are launching competititve Siege across the globe and with the addition of a solid anti-cheat, it's expected to be an enjoyable scene. For more information on this, stay tuned and PGL will keep you up to date!

Squad is one of those games where at first you don't know what to do, but don't worry, because most will find the community of Squad is more then willing to teach new players and once you get the hang of it, you will never stop playing it. Much of Squad requires team work and coordination, which makes Squad very much a game of tactics and smarts. Having a decent and communicating team and squad, can mean the difference between victory or defeat!

ARK, what an experience! Wake up stranded, naked and freezing on a mysterious and foreign island, with nothing but your Bonds underwear and bare hands.

ARK has a variety of features that you will love such as hunting, planting and growing of crops, harvesting resources and crafting of items, taming of dinosaurs and creatures (no better feeling than riding a giant Dino), base construction, and much, much more! Daylight is a precious and appreciated thing in ARK. When night falls you don't want to be stuck in the wilderness with no sight of your home/base and nothing but a little light from your crafted torch, when for all you know there is a T-Rex just around the corner! Losing everything you just gathered is one thing, but trying to return to loot your gear while a Rex is circling it... That's something else entirely.

“I’ll respawn in 5 and kill that sniper, and then I’ll top the scoreboard and carry my team to victory…what team?” The common thought that goes through many modern first person shooter players as they grind their way through games. Constantly being rewarded for common in-game actions. Mainstream titles such as Call of Duty, Battlefield and Battlefront give emphasis on individualism and the need to be a great individual player, rendering them as one-men-armies against everyone in the server. As dying becomes irrelevant and having the luxury of respawning back into the battlefield, the concepts of objective based gameplay, team cohesion and communication fly straight out of their barrels. In Rainbow Six: Siege, you won’t find any of this nonsense.