Our First Peek Into Hell

In the final week of Hell Let Loose's Kickstarter, it stands at 190% funded and still rising. With a partially Australian based dev team, Black Matter has had the eye of PacificGL for a while and with their Kickstarter now live (ending on 31/10 @ 1AM AEDT) they have been releasing waves of new content and information, from picutres and videos, to a new and imporved FAQ. Some information (that hardly cracks the surface) is discussed below, but you're highly encouraged to visit their website and subreddit.

The developer-community relationship is what you hope from a modern Indie Developer. Several backers from Pacific Gaming League have displayed their eagerness for this new game with active discussions on Reddit and Facebook, which the devs frequently respond to and answer questions that you might have. 


In addition to the countless PGL members backing them on Kickstarter, we are pleased to announce that we aquired a handle of extra keys for a few lucky community members who miss out. We will also be considering a raffle and gaming competitions, where the prize pool will contain things like game keys, including Hell Let Loose. With so many PacificGL backers in the Closed Alpha and subsequent builds, we are excited to see how we can support the community, as well as what we can offer, in terms of both casual and competitive events for Hell Let Loose.

Be sure to stay tuned at our Hell Let Loose news section, as well as our other social media accounts, for announcements of our events going live. Registrations will open early to allow people to express interest. Considering registrering an account now to save you time later. If you are unsure how to register, visit our Get Started tutorial. Good luck, have fun and I hope to see you on the battlefield!



"Developed by Black Matter for PC in Unreal Engine 4, Hell Let Loose is a realistic multiplayer WWII combined arms FPS, with open battles of up to 100 players, comprising of infantry, tanks and artillery. Soldiers must capture sectors and resources to beat the enemy into submission, across 4km2, with over 20 different player-controlled vehicles and deployed weapons." - See Article by Ace


"If you are looking for a WW2 game that will come out exclusively for PC and sports no reticle, no aim assist, weapons that can degrade over time, intense gore, destructible environments, and a real hierarchy command system, then Hell Let Loose is definitely something worth keeping an eye on." - See Article by Ace