Competitive Coming Soon?

"Developed by Black Matter for PC in Unreal Engine 4, Hell Let Loose is a realistic multiplayer WWII combined arms FPS, with open battles of up to 100 players, comprising of infantry, tanks and artillery. Soldiers must capture sectors and resources to beat the enemy into submission, across 4km2, with over 20 different player-controlled vehicles and deployed weapons." - See Article by Ace

With Hell Let Loose set to be released on Kickstarter any time now, we have been working hard to gather as much information about the game and the team behind it, as possible. With a fantastic game premise and promising feature list, as well as a dev team partly based in Australia, Pacific Gaming League is eager to support its development as a game and offer the players casual and competitive events wherever possible.

Through the Official Hell Let Loose Website, Black Matter have been seeking communities to support their game in ways that we have previously done for games like Insurgency. Through the efforts of Black Matter's Community Engagement Manager, John Martin, Pacific Gaming League was one of the communities approached in their promotion of the game and and we made our interest in their project known. Though it is way too early to announce a competitive season or set any works in stone, we are very eager to further collaborate with them and have sinced registed our interest officially, via their website. We have the ability, the experience and the dedicated team members to host such events in the future, should we have the chance to offer them.

It is great to see such active and approachable community managers and developers, particularly in Oceania. We plan to capatilise on this and help them gain as much attention from our region as they deserve. Of what has been released about their game, they appear to be focused and passionate. They have their goals set and have been working on Hell Let Loose since founding in March 2016 (same as PacificGL), with good progress and fantastic results.

If you are looking for a WW2 game that will come out exclusively for PC and sports no reticle, no aim assist, weapons that can degrade over time, intense gore, destructible environments, and a real hierarchy command system, then Hell Let Loose is definitely something worth keeping an eye on. If this game is of interest to you, check out their website at and consider subscribing to their site with your email for updates and the announcement of their kickstarter.

Be sure to stay tuned at our Hell Let Loose news section, as well as our other social media accounts, for announcements of our events going live. Registrations will open early to allow people to express interest. Considering registrering an account now to save you time later. If you are unsure how to register, visit our Get Started tutorial. Good luck, have fun and I hope to see you on the battlefield!