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A WWII Game Like No Other
With lumbering tanks dominating the battlefield, crucial supply chains fueling the frontlines, being a cog in the machine of colossal combined arms warfare. Hell Let Loose puts you in the chaos of war, complete with deep player-controlled vehicles, a dynamically evolving frontline, and platoon-focused gameplay that commands the tide of battle. This is war...

Developed for PC in Unreal Engine 4, Hell Let Loose is a realistic multiplayer WWII combined arms FPS, with open battles of up to 100 players, comprising of infantry, tanks and artillery. Soldiers must capture sectors and resources to beat the enemy into submission, across 4km2, with over 20 different player-controlled vehicles and deployed weapons.

Using historically accurate weapons, logistics, armour and tactics, Hell Let Loose is a game that demands heavy focus on teamwork and communication, as soldiers work together in Platoons beneath the leadership of their Officers and a Commander, to stay alive.


St Marie Du Mont, France. 1944
It's D-Day during Operation Overlord. Players will organise and muster behind the front lines before carefully pushing forward into the French countryside towards the town. They will need to establish supply lines using logistics vehicles - enabling them to build Garrisons and other spawn locations in the field. Armor and infantry must work together to smash through the front line and capture territory - pushing the enemy back and earning greater resources to sustain their fighting power.

Engineers will lay minefields and barbed wire to create choke points. Sunken lanes become killing zones while dense woodlands could mask the presence of a devastating PAK 43 - towed into position by a waiting unit of Wehrmacht infantry. Allied infantry call in strafing runs as hedgerows light up with the fire of a Panther tank and the scream of the Hitler's Buzz Saw - the MG42.

Dense woodland, hedgerows and canals frame rolling stretches of open countryside, while small villages and towns provide the perfect choke-points to command crossroads and high ground. It takes approximately fifteen minutes to cross on foot, and our unique capture territory system demands a new strategy and offers a totally different experience every time. Instead of pushing in a linear tug-of-war, you will be forced to fight across a realistically wide battlefield with an ever-developing front line.

Will you roll armour into Brecourt Manor from the west in order to quickly secure the northern approach, or will you attempt to choke the enemy in the stretches of open farmland between the eastern crossroads and the orchards that encircle St Marie Du Mont? Or will you become bogged down in house to house fighting as you battle tooth and nail to take the Manor at Hauchemail?




3 Levels of Warfare
Play as an Officer and establish Observation Posts and Garrisons before working to determine the best course of attack or defense for your unit. Mark targets with your binoculars to notify the Commander and work together to flank, reinforce, supply and obliterate the enemy.

Establish supply lines of trucks, transport vehicles and armored recovery vehicles. Supplies will allow your forces to construct minefields, defenses, and Garrisons. Failure to supply the front line will result in a devastating collapse.

Play as the Commander and decide on the grand strategy as you deploy your forces and adapt to the ever changing situation on the ground. Communicating via radio, it will be up to you to summon reinforcements, supplies and powerful aerial and naval strikes while accurately assessing the situation on the front line.


The Arsenal
Historically accurate rifles, sub-machine guns, light machine guns, heavy machine guns, pistols and assault rifles. Modelled in incredible detail and meticulously configured to perform realistically, these weapons will be limited amongst Platoons. With no crosshair, a focus on realistic weapon behavior including jamming and overheating barrels, and a brutal suppression system, Hell Let Loose gets as close to the historical truth of the conflict as possible without becoming tedious or chore-laden.

Grenades, mines, mortars, heavy ordnance, anti-tank and tank rounds dismember, whileflamethrowers light up the morning sky. Each one of the 14 playable roles will be equipped with a unique array of equipment inspired by their historical counterparts. The game includes German, Japanese, Russian, British and U.S. campaigns, all playable throughout the multiplayer experience.


The Team
The team behind Hell Let Loose is publisher and developer Black Matter. They are a team of World War 2 enthusiasts "bound by a passion to create a title that reflects the epic scale, the organisational complexity and the brutal realism of World War 2, with a key focus on creating immersive and fun gameplay." Based in the United States, Russia and Australia, the Hell Let Loose team has been working together since April 2015. Using Kickstarter, they hope to fund Hell Let Loose and use Steam Direct (the new Steam Greenlight), for both Alpha and Beta in late 2017. The full release on Steam is set for early 2018.


Interested? We don't blame you!


If you are looking for a WW2 game that will come out exclusively for PC and sports no reticle, no aim assist, weapons that can degrade over time, intense gore, destructible environments, and a real hierarchy command system, then Hell Let Loose is definitely something worth keeping an eye on. - See Article by Ace