10 weeks after the event began, all matches have concluded and the winners have been declared. Congratulations to Ignition 5 (EU) for their 2-0 victory in the Grand Final over the previously undefeated Impact (OC)!

It's been 9 weeks and the Grand-Final is here! Impact will take on Ignition 5 for the title as International Champions, this Sunday at 2100 AEST, while MDMA will face off against SwaggMoneyBallers, fighting for 3rd place. Well done to those teams that made it to Playoffs and the other teams for giving it their best shot. We hope everyone had fun, but there can be only 1 winner!

We are into Week #4 for the Insurgency International Open. Some teams are beginning to pull ahead and show their strengths early, while others are knuckling down their training to make the cut for Semi's. With 2 regions finishing their matches last week and EU still to go until Week #7, who will make it?

We're at the end of Week #1 for the Insurgency International Open. Rosters are in, games are underway and 16 teams across 3 divisions, are competing for finals in Week #8. 4 teams will make it through, but only 1 will be victorious!

The Insurgency International Open is now live! Team Captains must now organise their week 1 games with their opposition and report the details in Discord's #scores. Good luck to everyone and most importantly, have fun. Please note; some teams are still being accepted for 6 more days. Find out more!