REVIEW: Insurgency 2014

Insurgency is a modern military shooter, with an emphasis on fast paced action and more realism than most of its kind. Low time to kill (TTK) combined with expansive close quarters and open maps provides players with a wealth of multiplayer content to experience. There are multiple game modes on public servers catering to many different styles of play from single life, objective based and wave based game modes. Push is the most popular and most played game mode on public servers, requires a level of co-ordination, team work and communication among players, especially on a 32 slot server! This features attackers and defenders with four objectives to capture and defend, one at a time. Successfully winning a round will require good use of smoke cover, grenades and covering fire to allow teams to successfully attack or defend an objective.

There are many weapons of different purposes within the game, from the ubiquitous M16 and AKM to the Israeli Galil and Russian RPK, there are weapons enough to cater to any play style, either in public games or a competitive setting. Game play is also class based, but not dependant on unlocks, with each class having set weapons and equipment, making them able to broadly carry out their intended role. The game has been frequently updated with new maps, weapons and equipment and is soon supposed to receive a competitive matchmaking update.

There is also a never ending supply of workshop mods for the game. Want an mp7? There’s an mp7 re-skin for the UMP45. Want different iron sights on your M16? Want the ACR? Want Russian Spetznaz skins for player models? Want the John Cena them song to play when you win a round? All are possible! Insurgency is a game that currently lacks the ease of a competitive element inherent in a game like counterstrike. The fact that this element does not exist already built into the game is its biggest flaw. However competitive scenes do exist, you just have to go find it!

Pacific Gaming League are the hosts of competitive Insurgency in our region. Previous hosts Oz Insurgency and Insurgency ANZ shut down, handing over control to PGL. Currently hosting 4 Coop, 6 public PVP and 3 competitive servers, PGL is gearing up for the hosting of Season 5 with The DGL (hosts of competitive Insurgency in North America) and Season 6, as well as other events, independently. More information on the competitive scene and what Pacific Gaming League has to offer, can be found under the Insurgency section of our website. For a detailed history of Insurgency, see our article HERE.

All in all, Insurgency is an excellent game and constantly receiving attention from the devs, with more projects under way. There is no reason not to get involved if you like fast paced, or high stakes action. It caters to all play styles and is something you should get into quick. We will be waiting!