International Open #1 (Week #3)

We are into Week #4 for the Insurgency International Open. Delays in Week #1 meant that some teams were given until the end of Week #3 to be up-to-date. Lots of games have been played in the past few weeks and some teams are beginning to pull ahead and show their strengths early, while others are knuckling down their training to make the cut for Playoffs. With 2 regions finishing their matches and EU still to go until Week #7, who will make it?

With the Playoff format confirmed, we can announce that 4 teams will make it through, but 1 of them must earn their spot during Semi-Finals; a Round Robin between the 2nd place teams from each region. More information on Playoffs is included at the end of this article.


Rank Teams Won Lost Played For - Against Points
1 Impact 3 0 3 33 - 0 9
2 Enigma 2 1 3 22 - 16 7
3 Red Eye Platoon 1 1 2 3 14 - 25 5
4 Red Eye Platoon 2 0 3 3 5 - 33 3

Unlike EU, which won't conclude until the end of Week #7, the OC and NA/SA regular season is ending. This brings a close to the weekly matches for these Divisions, but there is still Playoffs and the results are in for Oceania; Impact (1st) & Enigma (2nd) will go through to Playoffs! Red Eye Clan's Platoon 1 & Platoon 2 placed 3rd & 4th, respectively.

After continuing their domination of the Oceanic Division in Weeks #2 & 3, scoring 11-0 against both Red Eye Platoon 1Enigma, Impact finished their regular season with a flawless record. Congratulations to their team for this achievement of no Round Losses and as a result of their secure place in 1st position, they will go straight though to Finals. Enigma earned their place in 2nd, after an 11-2 victory against Red Eye Platoon 2 in Week #2, despite being unable to secure a round against the veteran players, come Week #3. In the showdown between Red Eye Clan's Platoon 1 & Platoon 2, PLT 2 took the 11-3 victory, snagging 3rd place.

This concludes the Oceanic regular season and sends Enigma through to Semi's. They have a chance to fight for a spot in Finals, by defeating the other regions 2nd place teams, in a Round Robin. Good luck to both OC teams in the upcoming Playoffs. Discord PUGs continue for Oceania and there have been plenty of new faces. Red Eye members were often taking part in these games and it's great to see these new players participating in the competitive environment around experienced veterans. With this being the first competitive Insurgency event for so many players, we hope you had a good time and would love to see you around in the future. Be sure to stay in touch and get involved in anything that interests you. Thank you for taking part and best of luck to all Oceanic Insurgency players!

North & South America

Rank Teams Won Lost Played For - Against Points
1 SwaggMoneyBallers 3 0 3 33 - 11 9
2 MDM 2 1 3 27 - 18 7
3 Viaditos 1 2 3 21 - 22 5
4 SEA (DNF) 0 3 3 3 - 33 1

Week #3 is over and this also brings a close to the weekly matches for NA/SA, but the results are in for Playoffs and for North & South America; SwaggMoneyBallers (1st) & MDM (2nd) will go through to Playoffs! Viaditos placed 3rd.

With 3 victories, SwaggMoneyBallers is safe in 1st and will be sent straight through to Finals. This is following an 11-5 win over MDM in Week #2 and 11-3 against Viaditos in Week #3. One of our latecomers, SEA recently declared that they would be forced to withdraw from the season, most likely due to time constraints and other difficulties. This follows their 2 week hiatus on matches, so we were forced to award an 11-0 Forfeit Victory to the opposing teams. This confirms that MDM will go through to Semi's and compete for a spot in Finals. Viaditos takes 3rd place and the NA/SA regular season is concluded.

Good luck in Playoffs, to the North American team SwaggMoneyBallers and MDM from South America. We hope that all of our NA/SA teams have enjoyed the event. Well done to those that placed in finals, but also those that didn't make it. Thank you for taking part and best of luck to all North & South American Insurgency players!


Rank Teams Won Lost Played For - Against Points
1 MDMA 7 0 7 77 - 21 21
2 Ignition 5 6 1 7 75 - 18 19
3 TAW Cholos 5 2 7 65 - 44 17
4 TAW EU 4 3 7 59 - 49 15
5 TAW Crazy 3 4 7 51 - 51 13
6 Team $aN¡tY 2 5 7 42 - 57 11
7 Croatian Suicide Squad 1 6 7 14 - 66 7
8 Brothers in Arms (DNF) 0 7 7 0 - 77 2

With twice as many teams as other regions, EU continues their regular season until the end of Week #7. Weeks #2 & 3 are now complete and there appears to be some close competition among the top teams. It is not all good news however, as we are saddened to announce that Brothers In Arms are forced to retire, due to a vehicle accident, involving multiple members of the team. To the best of our knowledge, both parties are safely recovering in hospital. Best wishes to those effected by this unfortunate incident.

MDMA are currently in 1st place, after consecutive victories in Weeks #2 & 3. TAW EU and Ignition 5 are close behind, with Ignition 5 fighting strong against Team $aN¡tY and TAW Cholos to score 11-1 and 11-3. Ignition 5 seems to be a real contender and they have plenty of eyes on them in coming weeks, after a narrow defeat in Week #1 against the current leaders. They sit in 3rd, between the 3 TAW teams.

TAW Cholos and TAW Crazy went head to head in Week #2, providing the closest game yet. With both teams giving it their all, they finished the first overtime 13-13 and delayed the remainder of their match for another day. After discussions between staff and captains, they decided to play a full rematch and reported 11-9 for their final score. TAW Cholos was the victor. This is by far the closest game we have seen, so well done to both teams. Week #2 was over but TAW Crazy was up against TAW EU next. This proved to be another close game, but didn't quite make overtime, finishing 11-9 to TAW EU. With such close defeats, TAW Crazy proves to be strong and remains a real problem for the top teams, who may find their selection for Playoffs, coming down to Round Difference.

For Team $aN¡tY and Croation Suicide Squad, they have 4 weeks to knuckle down and kick back to the top. Team $aN¡tY managed to defeat  Croation Suicide Squad in Week #3, 11-2 and took their first victory for the season. With a shifting roster, there would be no surprise if they settle into a regular lineup, find a comfortable rythm and comeback strong before Playoffs. If there is one thing that is clear this season, it is that no one can know which 2 teams will be on top, at the end of Week #7. Best of luck to all EU teams in the coming weeks and thank you for taking part in a Pacific Gaming League event! These simply cannot happen without your envolvement and support. Keep it up and happy gaming!


With the announcement of the International Open, we hadn't yet decided on what teams go through to Finals. We hoped to provide the Playoffs the community wanted and they varied from scene to scene. After recent voting and discussion among Admins and Captains, we are ready to announce the chosen format. Thank you to the Captains for having your say.

At the end of the regular season, the #1 team from each region goes straight through to Finals. The #2 team from each region goes into Semi's and competes for a spot in Finals. Only 1 will go through, to join the #1 teams from each region. The full format is outlined below for your reference.


  • The #2 team from each region play one another in a Round Robin.
  • These matches will be a Best of 3 (BO3), unlike the regular season.
  • The highest ranked* team at the end, goes through to Finals. *Based on (1) Most Wins, or (2) Highest Difference


  • #1 vs Semi winner (#4), while #2 vs #3.
  • Then losers vs for 3rd/4th, while winners vs for 1st/2nd
  • These matches will be a Best of 3 (BO3), unlike the regular season.

The same map banning process will be used for Semi's & Finals, as the regular season. The higher ranked team banning first, until 3 maps remain. In Semi-Finals, the lower ranked team will choose the order they are played. In Finals, the Season Admins will choose the order they are played.

Semi-Finals & Finals will be held immediately after the regular season ends. This should be the week of the 12th Match. We will be confirming the timeframe, once we know the Semi-Finalists and Finalists, however we hope to structure it as follows;
Semi-Finals: 12th-16th March (Games in own time); OR 17th/18th March (Games on same day)
Finals: 17th/18th March (Games on same day)


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