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International Open #1 (Week #1)

We're at the end of Week #1 for the Insurgency International Open. Registrations are now final and there are 16 teams across 3 divisions, in the running for finals; a Best of 3 to be played in Week #8 of the International Open season. 4 lucky teams will make it through, but only 1 will be victorious!

gg ins int 1

With 6 games already completed and 2 postponed until next week, due to late-comers & time constraints, the pace is picking up, with new scores and screenshots flooding in, team captains organising their games for Week #2 and friendly, postgame exchanges on Discord.


Rank Teams Won Lost Played For - Against Points
1 Impact 3 0 3 33 - 0 9
2 Enigma 2 1 3 22 - 16 7
3 Red Eye Platoon 1 1 2 3 14 - 25 5
4 Red Eye Platoon 2 0 3 3 5 - 33 3

With 4 teams in the Oceanic Division, these teams will compete for 3 weeks, before their top team will go through to finals. So far, the experienced team Impact, comprised primarily of competitive Insurgency veterans, is setting the pace after a flawless game against Red Eye Platoon 2. Up-and-comers, Enigma are not far behind however, with an 11-3 victory over Red Eye Platoon 1. But they don't stop with their weekly matches. Discord is booming with Oceanic Pick Up Games (PUGs), where players are going head to head almost daily. With this being the first competitive Insurgency event for Read Eye clan, it's still far too early to dismiss them completely. As the PUGs continue and the players improve, we can expect these teams to gain more traction in coming weeks and a possible comeback before finals.


Rank Teams Won Lost Played For - Against Points
1 MDMA 7 0 7 77 - 21 21
2 Ignition 5 6 1 7 75 - 18 19
3 TAW Cholos 5 2 7 65 - 44 17
4 TAW EU 4 3 7 59 - 49 15
5 TAW Crazy 3 4 7 51 - 51 13
6 Team $aN¡tY 2 5 7 42 - 57 11
7 Croatian Suicide Squad 1 6 7 14 - 66 7
8 Brothers in Arms (DNF) 0 7 7 0 - 77 2

8 teams are registered in the European Division, competing for 7 weeks, before their top team will go through to finals. In the first week, TAW Crazy is in the lead with a flawless game against Brothers In Arms, but TAW EU is closed behind after an 11-7 game against $aN¡tY, late in the week. MDMA are 3rd, after defeating Ignition 5 (formerly N.W.A) in a very close 11-9. Due to a pair of late-comers, Croation Suicide Squad vs TAW Cholos will be played next week. After some close games, it's thrilling to think about what is in store for upcoming matches. EU finalists could come from anywhere and we're excited to see how it pans out, in the coming weeks.

North & South America

Rank Teams Won Lost Played For - Against Points
1 SwaggMoneyBallers 3 0 3 33 - 11 9
2 MDM 2 1 3 27 - 18 7
3 Viaditos 1 2 3 21 - 22 5
4 SEA (DNF) 0 3 3 3 - 33 1

With 4 teams in the North & South American Division, these teams will compete for 3 weeks, concluding at the same time as Oceania, with their top team going through to finals. As Week #1 wraps up, SwaggMoneyBallers leads over the NA/SA Division after an 11-3 victory against SEA. Due to issues with our servers in North America, Viaditos vs MDM has been delayed until next week, following a request by the Viaditos captain. Their captain expressed the teams difficulty in arranging a match after the servers were unavailable for a few days and an extension was granted for 1 week. To avoid falling behind, 2 games will be played by both teams, next week. Good luck to all NA/SA teams!


Thanks to everyone who registered and began completing their weekly matches. All teams have now completed their registration and rosters are locked. Players have been vetted for a history of cheating and anything that would make them ineligible. Team captains are reporting scores and screenshots in Discord as their games are played and any issues or questions are quicky resolved in #support & #ins-discussion. This is the first International season for Pacific Gaming League and we thank you for being a part of it. As always, please feel free to provide as much feedback as you wish, via our Discord, or by speaking directly to your regional Season Admin. To all teams, good luck and have fun in coming weeks!


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