The DGL Revival Tournament in NA is back in 2018 with another tournament for NA, SA & EU players! It will be held over a Saturday and Sunday (20th & 21st Jan 18) and region locked, to avoid disputes regarding ping. Please note this is not a Pacific Gaming League event and although it is not available to Oceanic players, TheDGL have supported our Oceanic Insurgency scene since Season 4 and so we are excited to return the favour and promote the event for any overseas readers.

To register your team in NA, SA or EU, join their DGL Discord ( and follow the necessary steps in the Insurgency roster channels. Free agents will be put on a free agent (MERC) team, a week prior to the event. After the tournament they plan to open back up with regular seasons in preparation for Insurgency: Sandstorm. If you are eligible, check it out now! Jump in their Discord and for more info, visit their original Reddit post and Steam Group announcement. Be sure to register ASAP to avoid rushing at the last minute, it makes things easier for organisers.

What about the other players in Oceania, Asia and elsewhere? There is good news; There is another event coming in January that is open to all. For overseas players taking part in the DGL Revival, there is no conflict between the dates and so January is the month for you! PGL have been working with communities from around the world, for several weeks, to bring you something new. We will be announcing the upcoming event soon, that's open to all players. With your help, we can make this BIG. So stay tuned!

Sitting around keen to PUG? Go to The Gym! That's no fat joke... For Pick Up Games, check out The Insurgency Gym Discord ( For our South America gamers, check out the INS SA Discord (

Happy gaming!