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Season 6 Wraps Up

Season 6 of Competitive Insurgency Has Ended!

With 5 teams in competition for the title of Insurgency Oceanic Champions, the battle was fierce, with Core Five making it into the finals but Fascists taking the crown with an undefeated season, repeating the history of Season 5, where Unknown Tyrants first pulled it off. Truely showing their unstoppable force, Fascists defeated cF 11-3 in the finals, played out on Embassy.

At the completion of season 6, the standings were as follows;S6Finals

2nd. Core Five
3rd. Unknown Tyrants
4th. Socialists
5th. Future War Cult

See Full Standings

GG to all those who competed and the team leaders who managed to keep things as organised as possible, saving time for the organisers. Thank you to the players for taking part, we hope you enjoyed it.

This season, like any season or event, wouldn't be a success without you, the community, so we appreciate your participation and as always we pride ourselves on running our community with its members in charge and in the loop, so we look forward to hearing your feedback. As well as the teams and their members, competitive Insurgency would not be here today without the hard work our Game Reps and competitive management team puts in. Comprised entirely of dedicated community members, Solusvod, Piggymonster and Svenare (our admins) often grind away before and during these events, to bring them to the community. Thanks to those who make this possible.

For more info on coming events and other PGL news, stay tuned here, join our Facebook Group and frequent TeamSpeak. We will soon have a channel in TS dedicated to news and announcements, so you never miss a topic or event. Happy Gaming!