History of Insurgency


On 25 April 2015, Insurgency was released in "Early Access". After the mod, released in October 2007, the wait for a stand-alone version was something that was killing everyone. With a few bugs and half the weapons and maps it has today, it still managed to attract a lot of attention from the older gamers. On 22 Jan 2014, the full release launched on Steam and it grew again in popularity, with 10% off supporting it's release. In June 2014, Insurgency was gaining interest in Australia and New Zealand for a competitive scene, but server files and set up instructions were few and far between. A team of 3 began the work with CyberGamer, but hit a road block along the way and left it behind to spend more time playing. With the interest getting bigger, Dimtar, a former member of [AUR] Aussie Rebels, set out to increase the community and provide the first competitive scene for AU/NZ. Oz Insurgency was formed.

Oz Insurgency aimed to grow the population of Insurgency players in AU/NZ and was about "playing Insurgency with friends, having fun and challenging yourself". With the community ready to slaughter each other in a heart pumping, competitive environment, a ladder was set up, servers were bought and configured and Season 1 took place. Following this, the Oz Insurgency community grew, a new ladder was set up with the Digital Gaming League, rules were perfected and Season 2 took place in Jan 2015, one year after the games release. Comprised of 11 teams and finishing in early April, this season was a massive success and raised the bar for Insurgency in Australia and New Zealand. It had finally become something that its players could be proud of and represent their respective team in a battle of strategy and pure skill. Oz Insurgency additionally hosted many public servers for the AU/NZ community and adjusted them to cater for the majority, whether they wanted mods disabled, push to be removed, reduced player limits, or additional servers set up.

Unfortunately, all good things, must come to an end. It was announced on 29 March 2015, that Oz Insurgency had achieved its goal of a successful community and increased the population and enthusiasm for Insurgency, so would be shutting down by June 2015. The community was in awe, but thankful for the effort that had been put in. Enthusiasm for competitive Insurgency was sure to continue however, so members of the Aussie Rebels, a team of both seasons, Dimtars former clan and semi-finalists of Season 2, founded Insurgency ANZ and began work on Season 3, with some support from Dimtar and the other Oz Insurgency Admins.

Insurgency ANZ took over the role and rose to the challenge, creating an even bigger community, hosting 4 public Coop, 6 public PVP, 3 private competitive servers, 2 competitive seasons and developing & supporting countless mods and projects. Season 3, comprised of 11 teams, finished successfully after being run through CyberGamer. Recoil managed to defeat Death Ready Doctors, the Season 2 champs, to take first place. After completion of Season 3, CyberGamer proved to be disappointing and eager members of the community began work on transitioning the next season to The DGL. Insurgency ANZ continued to support this new move and Oceania Gaming was founded, as an umbrella entity, with the plan of expanding into more games. Season 4 was run by Insurgency ANZ and Oceania Gaming, through The Digital Gaming League and had a few bumps along the way. With issues arising but refusing to abondon the dream of growing the Insurgency community and also catering to a larger audience, OG was disbanded and Pacific Gaming League was formed by the original founder of Insurgency ANZ and continues to grow, supported by the community of Insurgency ANZ. Insurgency ANZ is due to shut down and be absorbed by PGL on 27 March 16, after a year of supporting the community and we hope at PGL, to can carry on as successfully as InsANZ and continue to provide you with a higher quality of competitive and casual Insurgency, as well as other games.