Season 5 Wraps Up

Season 5 of Competitive Insurgency Has Ended!

After a fierce battle throughout the season, continuing into playoffs, amongst some of our top teams, season 5 has come to an end leaving only one victor. Congratulations to Unknown Tyrants for their undefeated season, the first of it's kind.

At the completion of season 5, the top 3 teams were as follows;
1st. Unknown Tyrants
2nd. Core Five
3rd. Hit or Miss & Shadow Five (tied)

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Congratulations and thanks to all those your participated and the team leaders who managed to keep ts as organised as possible and saved a lot of time and grief for the event runners. An extra special thanks to those people who planned, orchastrated and ran their first season as well, such as PGL members and staff Solusvod, Piggymonster and Ding. With Pacific Gaming League now focusing on more games than ever, hosting events and competitions, as well as working hard on new servers and community features, well run, structured competitions like season 5 of Insurgency in Oceania, could not be possible without the efforts of members in our community and the community itself. A big thanks and pat on the back to everyone involved.

After the vast number of Pick Up Games, scrims and friendly events run in the PGL servers and TeamSpeak, we can see that the interest and dedication in the community is still booming, so we can't wait to show you what we have in store for future seasons and events. PGL are happy to confirm that a 6th season of competitive Insurgency in Oceania, will in fact be hosted by PGL in the coming months. Make sure to stay tuned for more news and the start of sign ups. Until then, be sure to keep active in TeamSpeak and the servers, begin to recruit new players and expand the community, to make the most of what we have to offer. If any members wish for us to hold special Insurgency events, on top of already scheduled ones, simply contact our Head of Insurgency and Competitive Gaming Officer, Solusvod or any other PGL Insurgency Moderator and we will be happy to organise things for you. Until then, congrats again to all teams and players who competed, especially the victors, Unknown Tyrants. Thanks for being a part of our community, keep up the great work and happy gaming!