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Soccer meets driving once again in the physics-based, multiplayer that causes far too many all-nighters! Choose a variety of high-flying vehicles with huge rocket boosters to score amazing aerial goals & pull-off incredible game-changing saves!

You don't need to be a fan of driving games, soccer, or epileptic fit educing colours to appreciate Rocket League. You just need the game in your library and the patience to not rage quit after you fly right passed the ball 3 times in a row. Unless that is just me... But everything comes with practice I keep telling myself, as does everyone I play with. A decent community has built around Rocket League and more and more PGL members are giving it a go. A few have played it since release and can show you how it's done. Rocket League was an impulse purchase while on special, that I never thought I would play longer than an hour. 122 later and I hate myself for not getting it sooner. Join in the fun now and be near the front of the line, with PGL's plans to host casual and competitive events in the future. If you haven't been sold, speak to anyone with the game. I am sure they will reaffirm what I am saying.

A number of the Pacific Gaming League community have been playing Rocket League since release. Recently a number of members have purchased the game and become hooked, so PGL hosts occasional PUG (Pick Up Group) nights for Rocket League, where anyone can team up, or be placed in teams randomly, to take on other PGL members in a friendly environment. Simply join the TeamSpeak at the designated time in any of the Rocket League channels to take part.

Sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars (wow), you choose between a number of vehicles, all aesthetically customisable, equipped with rocket boosters that allow you to reach great speeds, launch into the air and control your aerobatics. The aim is to hit a large ball into the other team's goals to score points, while simultaneously preventing the other team from doing the same against you, essentially mimicking soccer. But that's not all. - See Review by Ace

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