GUIDE: Factions & Other Commands

This guide was created to help players understand the functions behind Factions and other mods on the Pacific Gaming League, Minecraft server. This server is currently running Spigot (with craftbukkit and bukkit) and has plugins such as Essentials, MassiveCore, Factions, Health Bar and more. As a result there are many commands for admins, but also many commands for normal players, ranging from semi-complicated for Faction leaders/owners and very basic for the average player. Hopefully this guide will help you understand the system and allow you to make the most of our server. Please note that players new to Minecraft should first learn the game basiscs, before learning commands and mod systems. Commands listed with a comma (",") in them, means that either word is acceptable (Eg. /f l,list means that both /f l or /f list work).


For starters, lets look at some basic commands in Minecraft and Essentials. To do this, open console ("/") and enter /help. This will list a number of commands, descriptions and syntax. To get to the next page and see more, enter /help 2 and so on, replacing 2 with the page number desired. For Essentials commands, enter /help essentials and scroll through the pages in the same manner as above. For Factions commands, enter /f help and use page numbers in the same way again.


/home Will teleport you to your last saved spawn (most recent bed).
/back Will teleport you back to your death spot, usually picking up anything dropped. If you die in lava, maybe you don't use this one...
/motd Will bring up the servers Message Of The Day. Great for any announcments or checking the location of rules and info.
/nick <Nickname> Will give you a nickname so instead of ThisIsAce being displayed, I can set it to display ~Ace (Eg. /nick Ace).


Factions is somewhat similar to Survival. In factions, players are thrown out onto a generated world with a landscape and similar secrets such as to vanilla. However, in Factions you are allowed to kill other players and steal their loot. But you might say, "This isn't fair! I don't want to lose my stuff!" This is where the concept of Factions comes in. Factions are groups of players who are on one team and work together to become the best. In each Faction, with the required mininum, you can protect land that becomes yours. Factions includes options for SafeZones, WarZones, Friendly/Neutral/Enemy territory and more. Using Factions helps prevent killing, raiding, stealing and griefing at unwanted times and places, but also encourages PvP in appropriate environments. Let's see why.


/f create <FactionName> Create a new faction and assigns you as the owner
/f name <NewName> Change the name of your faction
/f desc <Description> Set a description for your faction that displays when entering the territory (Just a few words)
/f motd <MessageForMembers> Set an MOTD for your faction members to see upon logging in
/f sethome Set your current position as the home/spawn for faction members (Must be inside faction territory)
/f unsethome Remove the home/spawn for faction members
/f disband Disband and permanantly delete your faction. BE CAREFUL!


/f Lists Factions CMDs
/f l,list Lists all factions
/f f,faction <FactionName> Show faction information (Just /f f for your own faction info)
/f p,player <PlayerName> Show player information (Just /f p for your own info)
/f s,status <PlayerName> Show faction member power and online activity (Just /f s for yourself)
/f join <FactionName> Join faction (Must need an invite for closed factions)
/f leave Leave your faction
/f home <FactionName> Teleport to factions home if allied (Also just /f home for your own and it's  different from /home which is a bed)
/f map <on|off> Show territory map and legend and update it (Just /f map for a single map without updates)


/f inv,invite <PlayerName> <on|off> Set if player is invited
/f i,inv,invite a,add <PlayerName> Add/create invitation for player (Eg. /f i a ThisIsAce)
/f i,inv,invite r,remove <PlayerName|all> Revoke an invite (Eg. /f i r ThisIsAce or /f i r all)
/f i,inv,invite l,list List invited players (Eg. /f i l)
/f kick <PlayerName> Kick player from faction
/f title <PlayerName> <Title> Set player title (Titles are made up by the leader)
/f promote <PlayerName> Promote lesser members in your faction (The 4 ranks are; Leader, Officer, Member and Recruit)
/f demote <PlayerName> Demote lesser members in your faction
/f officer <PlayerName> Make player an Officer (There can be unlimited Officers but only one Leader)
/f leader <PlayerName> Set leader for your faction (Default Leader is you, after /f create <FactionName> but you can hand it over)


/f sc,seechunk See the chunk you are in
/f tt,territorytitles <on|off> Toggle territory titles/ (Between the graphic pop up or simple text, when entering/leaving a territory)
/f claim o,one Claim a single chunk
/f claim a,auto Claim as you walk around
/f claim s,square <Radius> Claim by square and radius (Recommended)
/f claim c,circle <Radius> Claim by circle and radius (Recommended)
/f unclaim o,one Unclaim a single chunk
/f unclaim a,auto Unclaim as you walk around
/f unclaim s,square <Radius> Unclaim by square and radius
/f unclaim c,circle <Radius> Unclaim by circle and radius
/f unclaim all all <FactionName> Unclaim all faction land
/f unstuck Teleport to nearest wilderness (If you ever get stuck in someone elses base for example)


/f ally <FactionName> Set relation with a faction (Must be mutual and grants same perms to another factions members, as yours have)
/f truce <FactionName> Set relation with a faction (Must be mutual and prevents friendly fire, however doesn't grant ally permissions)
/f neutral <FactionName> Set relation with a faction (Default)
/f enemy <FactionName> Set relation with a faction (One-sided, anyone can declare)

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