PGL Minecraft Server (Rules & Info)

Pacific Gaming League no longer host Minecraft.


Name: Pacific Gaming League [][Whitelist][Mods]
Gamemode: Survival (PvPvE)
Admins/Mods: Ace, Automan, Jamedog
Plugins: MassiveCore, Essentials, HealthBar, Factions


The general principle behind all of our rules is that we all play games for fun. We're all here in whatever free time we have, to pursue that fun and have a break from work, uni, school or whatever usual shit you do with your life. Fun can also be killed and when you make killing everyone else's fun, your aim, make no mistake, we aim to kill yours. We endorse playing the game as a PVE focus, but PVP is allowed on our servers. It's all part of the game, but there are limits. These rules are the obvious ones that must be adhered to, but use your brain, common sense and conscience when it comes to playing. We shouldn’t need to say this, but 'not knowing' the rules, is not an excuse. If anything, it’s an offence in itself, so help us out and direct the untaught minds to this post. PLEASE NOT THAT THESE RULES WILL BE UPDATED AS THE SERVER CHANGES OVER TIME, SO YOU MUST CHECK BACK REGULARLY. UPDATES/CHANGES WILL BE HIGHLIGHTED.

No Griefing
No Excessive Taunting
No Stealing
No Cheating
No Abusive Mods (x-ray, etc.)
No Racisim/Sexism
No Anti-Social Behaviour

Bases are safe zones.
Through our use of the Factions mod, most bases will be protected from raiding, stealing, destruction and in some cases, PVP.
If you find yourself in a base not protected, you are still prohibited from engaging in any combat or other unwanted behaviour. Each player has the option to work alone or with a group, but this decision does not effect their abilitiy to SAFELY build and store items. Any player that enters another player's/faction's territory, must abide by the rules of the owner. This includes leaving upon request. As population grows and progress is made, this rule will be altered to allow some forms of combat and base raiding. For now, bases are safe zones!

Give people space.
This is simple. Please be generous. If you build too close to someone, they have every right to get annoyed and declare you and/or your faction as an enemy and attack you when you are in the wilderness. People will want to expand what they already have so we suggest you ask before settling down close by, or otherwise, simply move away and find a better spot that wont require permission. If you build too close, the faction offended may contact an admin who will determine if you must relocate. Make it easy for us... Just don't build too close. The map is infite after all.


For minor/moderate infractions, Admins work on a 3 strike system:
1. Warning
2. Kick
3. Temporary Ban

For major infractions, especially for breaking rules clearly stated here, the strikes will be:
1. Temporary Ban
2. Long Ban/Permanent Ban

Ban appeals:
All ban appeals should be directed to the Admins via our TeamSpeak. Since our staff are on TeamSpeak every day, this will ensure our fastest response time for your issue. Before poking an admin in TS, please prepare the information you will need to appeal your ban or punishment. A calm, polite and patient manner is essential to your being successfully heard out and to having a ban lifted. It is safe to assume that swearing at, abusing and ranting at admins will be taken as strong evidence that your ban was deserved and result in it being upheld or extended. We encourage you to be in Teamspeak while playing on a PGL server, to help you work with friends and meet other players, but also importantly, for easy contact with admins. You can join it at:


What is specifically listed on this page is not just a guide, they are rules! These rules are not flexible, but we acknowledge that some situations, life is more complicated. Our goal is to create a fair and enjoyable server for all, so if you’re punished and you think it was unfair, make your case politely and back it up with evidence such as screenshots or recordings. Some rules are absolute and anyone found breaking these rules will be subject to warning or punishment, on a par with the offence. Any breach of rules reported by another player must be accompanied by proof or be of a nature that we can check its accuracy and validity. Complaints without proof or just cause cannot result in admin actions. In extreme cases, we will consider repeated and spurious complaints, or outright fabrication to be an offence in itself and will deal with it accordingly. If you feel you were unfairly treated by a moderator or admin, please contact another admin or server owner on Teamspeak. Once any issue is considered 'resolved' by an admin, the issue is RESOLVED! Players are not to continue to discuss the issue or treat players differently as a result. The admin team determines the punishment, not the players.


With the mods we run on our server, there are more commands than some people can handle and it can cause some confusion. To make things really simple and help players become accustom to Factions and other mods, we have used information on the plugin and created a basic guide and list of commands. Visit

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