Battalion 1944 (5v5) Season #1




Competitive Battalion 1944 in a 5v5 format.
PacificGL hosts the Oceanic competitive Battalion scene since the release of the Closed Alpha on 26 May 17.
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[PacificGL] Battalion 1944 (5v5) Season #1!

Competitive Batt44 in a 5v5 format

Pacific Gaming League has several backers in the Closed Alpha for Battalion 1944. Should server hosting go live, we are ready and Season #1 will kick into full swing. Until then, we are taking expressions of interest, so apply for Team MERC if you have no team to join, or create and register your team for Season #1.

To get involved, sign in/sign up and then REGISTER for the event.

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Stay tuned for any changes or announcements and if you want to team up with others in Oceania, connect to or

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