Pacific Gaming League is developing a new framework, integrating our Website with our Discord for PUGs, events, team management and more! This will come with the deployment of WarBot, a Discord bot by PacificGL that's set for release in Dec '19.

Meanwhile, Pacific Gaming League are using Discord for everything, but you can still access our archived site for old information. So come and join us in Discord and get involved today!

Helpful Guides At Champion ARK

Own ARK: Survival Evolved but put off by its complexity? or;
Considering buying ARK but not sure where to start? or;
Experienced ARK player but keen to learn more?

Anyone can benefit from the ARK Guides on offer by Champion ARK. Champion ARK is a community based in Europe, but not only offer servers and player statistics, but indepth guides for anyone and everyone. After creating a popular ARK guide for beginners on Steam, I was approached by Mariska from Champion ARK, in relation to including it on their website and collaborating to update the current one on Steam.

I encountered a wonderful level of professionalism and their community really seems to want to improve the experience for players, which is after all, what Pacific Gaming League is all about. So if anyone is looking for guides to get started or advanced tricks and tips, check out their forum's guide section and the rest of their site. It's great to see other communities out their giving back to gamers and sharing their experience with others. Champion ARK get a tick from Pacific Gaming League.