Age of Empires II HD (1v1) Community Cup #1! Event starts on the 7th of August, so register a competitive profile and be signed up, ASAP. Frequent our Age of Empires II news section and be sure to visit the event page itself as rules and information gets updated. You can find all the information you need under the Rules tab of the event. If not, feel free to contact us!

Attention Rocket League players! Win over $2000 playing Rocket League in the Mockit Championship Series 2. This is not a Pacific Gaming League event, but we are happy to promote it as an opportunity for our members. Event starts 27/07 so be quick!

Own ARK: Survival Evolved but put off by its complexity? Considering buying ARK but not sure where to start? Experienced ARK player but keen to learn more? Anyone can benefit from the helpful ARK Guides on offer by Champion ARK. Champion ARK is a community based in Europe, but not only offer servers and player statistics, but indepth guides for anyone and everyone.

To coincide with the release of Battalion 1944 Closed Alpha on May 26th, Pacific Gaming League went live with our new and improved website. We are pleased to announce that PacificGL will be offering a competitive 5v5 Season as soon as the developers enable private hosting and the build is stable enough.

Diplomatic communications between the Guerrilla element known as the Altis Armed Forces (AAF) and NATO have faltered. AAF members fixed on extending their regime to Altis have been rapidly recruiting. Large numbers of armed forces, both Infantry and Motorised have spread out across Altis, some of which appear to have taken taken up residence in civilian areas. You are needed.

With new capabilities of the Arma 3 engine and the passion some of our community members have for military simulators and realistic First Person Shooters, it is our goal to bring you more Arma events than ever before.

In Age of Empires II: HD Edition, fans of the original game and new players alike fell in love with the classic Age of Empires II experience. With improved performance for modern PCs, this game is a must for any fans of the original games, or anyone who has kept an eye on this genre.

First was Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat, but then came Insurgency and it changed everything. A booming community and new competitive scene. Things slowed down however, without an ingame competitive system. From the ground up on Unreal Engine 4, Insurgency: Sandstorm not only solves the communities number one issue, but boots it into the eSport-sphere.

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AOE2HD (1v1) Community Cup #1
19-08-2017 17:20
AOE2HD (1v1) Community Cup #1
19-08-2017 17:15
AOE2HD (1v1) Community Cup #1
19-08-2017 17:00
AOE2HD (1v1) Community Cup #1
19-08-2017 16:00
AOE2HD (1v1) Community Cup #1
19-08-2017 12:30

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