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Admin Absent on Insurgency servers?

1 year 7 months ago #4 by Die Havok
Die Havok created the topic: Admin Absent on Insurgency servers?
I have been playing Insurgency for quite awhile now and the ANZ servers are by and far the most used but there appears to be a lack of any sort of admin playing consistently who can deal with some of the people that ruin the game with mic spam, chat spam or harassment of other players.

I was just curious if there are admins playing that I have not seen or is it possible to become an admin? I have done this for other games such as CS and since I play a lot of insurgency it wouldn't be a bother.

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1 year 7 months ago #5 by Dr. Ace Misanthrope
Dr. Ace Misanthrope replied the topic: Admin Absent on Insurgency servers?
Hey mate,
Thanks for letting us know.
Currently we have a number of admins/mods, who still play Insurgency, such as Ding, Solusvod and Piggymonster.
Unfortunately we also have a number of staff who no longer play. As a result, we have less of a presence on the servers and these issues you mentioned, some times do go unnoticed. For this reason and a few others, we have a section of our site where people can apply to be a moderator for our game servers. You can find that here -> http://www.pacificgl.com/index.php/join-us
Please note that we take admin abuse and moderation of our assets seriously, in order to keep our community at a higher standard than many other communities. This means not all applicants are accepted and we look for regular, active members, who also use our TeamSpeak frequently and can be granted a high level of trust.
If you think you fit in please apply and we will go through the process with you.
Otherwise we will talk to our current team and see what we can do.
Don't forget you can always mute people yourself if that is the issue.

Happy gaming!

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