Rocket League Biweekly Battle #1




Competitive Rocket League, in a 1v1 format.
PacificGL hosts an Oceanic/Pacific competitive Rocket League scene.
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Rank Participants Won Lost Played For - Against Points Last 5
1 Sabtas 5 0 5 42 - 15 15 WWWWW
2 Dr. Ace Misanthrope 4 1 5 42 - 22 12 WWWWL
3 SlackerIX 2 3 5 28 - 24 6 LLLWW
4 ARES 2 3 5 18 - 31 6 LLLWW
5 Trick 2 3 5 14 - 27 6 WWLLL
6 Svenare 0 5 5 13 - 38 0 LLLLL

[PacificGL] Biweekly Battle #1!

 Competitive Rocket League in a 1v1 format.

Rocket League Biweekly Battles are something run here at PGL, every two weeks. This idea was informally carried out in past months until we decided to incorporate it into our competitive section, officially. These comps are come and go and you can attend any single one or multiple without it effecting your standings. Usually consisting of a Round Robin (or in some cases a knock-out), players wishing to take part can sign up for the RL Mini Comp, held in a 1v1 format (may run 2v2 if numbers grow), at any time. In order to take part, please register at our site and then create a "competitive profile". Once registered and ready to compete, join the season/comp and then simply show up on any second Friday Night (or occasional Saturday) at 6pm AEST (7pm AEDT / 9pm NZDT).

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1. Game Format

1. Game Format

1.1 Main Info

Gamemode: 1v1 Round Robin
Win Limit: Best of 1 (BO1)
Version: Live Steam Build