AOE2HD (1v1) Community Cup #1




Competitive Age of Empires II HD in 1v1 format.
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[PacificGL] Age of Empires II HD (1v1) Community Cup #1!

Competitive AOE2HD in a 1v1 format.

Pacific Gaming League has several enthusiastic AOE2HD fans and we are happy to offer them a chance to compete against themselves and other players from outside the community.
Whether you are new or experienced, casual or competitive, this is an event for you. If you like Age of Empires, then take part in this PacificGL Community Cup as we will be running a winners and losers bracket, so the newer players will still be able to compete with eachother, for a finals event of their own. 

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Stay tuned for any changes or announcements and if you want to team up with others in Oceania, connect to or

1. Config

1. Configuration

1.1 Host Settings

Data Set: Exanpsions
Game: Random Map
Map Style: Standard
Location: Arabia
Size: Tiny (2 Player)
Difficulty: Standard
Resources: Standard
Population: 300
Game Speed: Standard
Reveal Map: Standard
Starting Age: Standard
Ending Age: Standard/Imperial
Treaty Length: None
Victory: Conquest

1.2 Additional Settings

Team Together: N
All Techs: N
Allow Cheats: N
Lock Teams: Y
Lock Speed: Y
Record Game: Y

AOE2HD Community Cup #1 (Finals)
01-09-2017 19:00
Arabia & Arena