The Pacific Gaming League is the home of casual and competitive gamers in the Pacific.

We strive to provide a fun and friendly social environment to the gaming community and endeavour for an enjoyable competitive experience for those with a passion for intensity. We host competitive and casual servers across a number of games and genres, for the best possible experience for our player base.

Founded in early 2016, by the admins of Insurgency ANZ and associates, in order to cater to a larger community and the players needs, The PGL has already had experience hosting multiple competitive Insurgency seasons, dozens of servers in a number of games and has built a large and constantly growing community, with many competitive teams, clans and social groups.

The community TeamSpeak for all who wish to use it is and players seeking a competitive or even social experience, are encouraged to use this as much as possible, to help members get in touch with others, meet other clans and expand the community.

The PGL is always looking out for our community and is heavily invested in the development of more games. Feel free to contact any community staff members in regards to any questions, suggestions or discussions. The forum is a great place to post ideas and in addition to admins, other members can contribute to the discussion. Another way would be our Facebook Group. For a private discussion, you can use TeamSpeak or the Contact us by email.

A Bit About Insurgency ANZ

Insurgency ANZ was the home of competitive Insurgency in Australia and New Zealand for 1 year and 2 competitive seasons.

InsANZ was founded on 27 March 2015, in order to cater to the AU/NZ community that wanted to enjoy competitive Insurgency. As well as running a competitive ladder through CyberGamer, after the termination of Oz Insurgency, and playing a large role in the following Oceania Gaming season. Insurgency ANZ also provided over 12 public servers to allow players to experience different gamemodes and maps at their leisure, in a PVP or Coop environment.

Insurgency ANZ was founded by members of [AUR] Aussie Rebels with the support of the Oz Insurgency admins, who were keen to see a competitive scene continue, after their shut down. Since then, members of the community became involved in the organisation and running of the 3rd season for competitive Insurgency in Australia and New Zealand. After completion of Season 3, CyberGamer proved to be disappointing and eager members of the community began work on transitioning the next season to The DGL. Insurgency ANZ continued to support this new move and Oceania Gaming was founded, with the intention of expanding into more games.

‚ÄčOceania Gaming was a community founded by 5 InsANZ community members and aimed to improve competitive and casual game play in Oceania, across many games. With the release (albeit, early access) of games like Squad, OG was expected to expand into other games upon completion of Season 4. Due to unfortunate circumstances, progress was slow and InsANZ founders decided to leave to pursue other projects, resulting in a number of other members disbanding as well. With it seeming like our region was never going to get the dream we envisioned, of a collective gaming entity comprised of multiple communities and clans, across an array of games, something had to be done. Refusing to give up on the community, Pacific Gaming League was founded and has begun work on completing the mission and catering to a larger audience.

A fun and friendly gaming environment has always been InsANZ and PGL's number one priority. We do this because we want to improve the quality of gaming in the Pacific and we hope we are doing exactly that.