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REVIEW: Minecraft

Minecraft is a 2011 sandbox video game originally created by Swedish programmer Markus "Notch" Persson and later developed and published by Mojang. The creative and building aspects of Minecraft enable players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D procedurally generated world. Other activities in the game include exploration, resource gathering, crafting, and combat.

In survival mode, players have to gather resources using various tools they craft themselves, in order to craft more important tools and build a base, to progress through the game. Being a sandbox style, there is no end game and players can set themselves personal or group goals. Common goals include beating the Ender Dragon or Wither Boss, or merely building a large community village with an abundance of rare resources.

Pacific Gaming League now hosts a survival Minecraft server with Bukkit mods, meaning that the gameplay is altered and monitored by special rules and additional features, giving the community even more to experience. In order to keep the server a friendly environment, free of any griefers, trolls or cheaters, our server is whitelisted. In order to join, please contact Ace and provide your Minecraft Username (ie. "ThisIsAce") and you will be added.

Get involved now, team up and build the world you want. Just like Inception's 'Limbo', YOU can be the architect.