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Competitive Rainbow Six Siege

Pacific Gaming Leauge is gearing up to host its first Competitive Rainbow Six Siege in Oceania!

This season will be a standard tournament with more details coming very soon, at least 3 weeks before the kick off (November 2016). Most likely comprised of 2 Divisions*, PGL has heard the community and is here to offer a brand new opportunity for our regions Rainbow Six Siege community. Run with the help of experienced admins of past Oceanic Siege seasons, this one is not to be missed. Rules made by the community and run by YOU. Please stay tuned for more! Meanwhile, feel free to register at our site and even create a "competitive profile". As more info gets released, registrations will open and the game begins!


Registrations Open on Monday 17th October 2016 (17/10/16) @ 1AM AEST!


*Ruleset still under construction: Community input is important to us, so currently we are gathering feedback from the community through the current Oceanic Siege admins and community. All of our rulesets are designed to make the experience fun, fair and as close to perfect (in your eyes) as possible. All decisions made by PGL are based on satisfying as much of the community as possible, at all times. We make decisions based on what YOU tell us. So please feel free to approach us anytime!