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Rocket League Events!

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An ever growing number of Pacific Gaming League members, have been playing Rocket League lately, often teaming up or against, other members. In an attempt to spark some friendly competition, as well as have a lot of fun, PacificGL have been hosting weekly, single night competitions, as well as nights of fun and other shenanigans. These events are open to all Rocket League players and soon will occur on a regular, structured basis, so you can be sure you don't miss out. We encourage you to invite your friends and take part, regardless of your skill level.

If competitive play is not for you though, stress not. We cater to all casual and competitive players in our community. Just come along and give it a go and remember that we are all here to have fun. If you aren't convinced though, to take part in mini-comps for Rocket League, and prefer something more casual or chaotic, make sure to check out the PacificGL Rocket League Drinking Game, hosted every Friday or Saturday night in TeamSpeak ( Rules, info and announcements for these events will be posted in our Facebook Group and this website, as they occur. So be sure to stay posted. Happy gaming!