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Season 6

Welcome to Season 6 of competitive Insurgency in Oceania and the Pacific!

Season 6 starts on 5th September 16, so remember to register a "competitive profile" and have your team signed up and ready to start, or contact Solusvod to be placed in one. This season marks the second of Pacific Gaming League after Insurgency ANZ and previous hosts. Make sure to support this homegrown community by providing plenty of feedback and getting involved in any events. As rules and information gets updated, you can find it all here first. Stay tuned good luck and have fun!




 Config Summary






Point Control (3 Objectives)

Team Size


No Spectators

Max Roster


5 Play, 3 Sub

Round Time

4 Minutes

240 Seconds

Win Limit

10 Rounds

Team Switch Every 5

Max Rounds


Eg. 10-9

Theater file


Main Config



FF Config




Current Live Build

We update as NWI update

WorkShop Mods


sv_pure 0

Supply Points



Player Spotting




1st Person & Team Only

No One in Spectator Mode

Friendly Fire



1. Game Format

1. Game Format

1.1 Main Info

Gamemode: Firefight
Team Size: 5v5
Max Roster: 8
Round Time: 4 Minutes
Win Limit: 10 Rounds
Team Switch: Every 5 Rounds
Max Rounds: 19
Theater file:
Main Config: server.cfg
FF Config: server_firefight.cfg
Version: Current Live Build

1.2 Additional Info

Starting side is picked by playing a knife round. NO equipment, grenades, or weapons can be used during this time. For the main part of the game, all weapons and attachments are controlled by the theater file. If a weapon/item is displayed, it can be used.

2. Registration

2. Registration

2.1 Player Registration

Players wishing to compete must register a COMPETITIVE profile, by visiting HERE. Please note these accounts are different from your PGL website profile, however you do require both. Any issues with registering should be referred to Ace. Players MUST make their Steam profile public, in order to compete. If they wish to keep a private profile, they may be allowed to return it to private, after an admin has inspected the profile.

2.2 Team Registration

Team registration can be done by visiting HERE, filling out a profile and signing up for Season 6. Team Leaders must be the one to do this. Players looking for a team (LFT) and teams looking for players (LFP) should utilise our forum.

3. Members

3. Members

3.1 Sportsmanship

All members are required to uphold and observe a universal level of sportsmanship. Any unsportsmanlike action which can include, but is not limited to racism, profanity, rude/vulgar acts, abusive remarks, and disrespect of an official are not tolerated. Users who engage in unsportsmanlike conduct may be subject to suspension, match forfeits, or any other punishment at Admin discretion.
Participants must treat other participants with basic respect and decency. Seeking to cause significant distress to other participants is unacceptable and may result in round or match forfeit, or greater sanctions if warranted. Intentionally engaging in behavior that would reasonably cause significant distress to other participants may be punished even if no complaint is raised or harm can be shown. This includes taunting, insulting, flaming, or any negative comments over voice and text chat. Anyone witnessing or experiencing uncivil conduct by a participant should record evidence and report it to an Admin via the “Submit a Demo” members section of our website.

3.2 Member Names

Member name handles containing any of the following will not be tolerated: profanity, racism, sexism, drug use, or general vulgarity. Players found with offensive names may be contacted by an official and asked to change their name to something more appropriate. Refusing to do so may result in termination from the Season.

4. Teams

4. Teams

4.1 Captains

Team Captains are in control of every aspect of the team. Team Captains have the right to edit team information, add or remove members on the team, schedule matches, report scores, and file disputes. Every team is required to have a Team Captain. Team Captains WILL be held accountable for the actions of their players and disciplinary action may be taken on the Captain, in addition to the guilty player, whenever appropriate.

Team Captains should be the only person to submit a complaint or dispute on behalf of the team. Team members may submit inquiries, providing the Captain is not already doing so. Multiple submissions from a single team will result in them being ignored and only the Captains, if submitted, will be reviewed.

4.2 Team Name Changes

Team name changes are allowed, however other team leaders and admins are to be informed and the team name changed in all places it is identified.

4.3 Rosters

A team is the actual collection of players on a roster together. A common name, group of origin, community, affiliation, or sponsor does not join two teams, a team is treated as an independent group. If a group has two different teams with different rosters, they are treated as independent teams and players cannot be freely swapped between the two teams.

The roster may consist of up to 8 players. Team rosters may change at any point in a season and rosters are never locked, however recently acquired players MAY NOT play a tournament game within 1 week of joining a team UNLESS permission is given by the opposing TEAM LEADER (NOT team members).

4.4 Team Captain Changes

Changes to the member designated as Team Captain are permitted if the Team Captain would like to relinquish the leadership to another member on the team, has been terminated from the event by an official, would like to leave the team, or has been mutinied by the other members of the team.

4.5 Ringers, Substitutes, and Alternate Teams

If a team is met with the situation of having less than 5 eligible players from their roster available to play in a given match, there are options. First, a team must have at least 4 eligible players on THEIR roster in game to play. A team may call upon a ringer, or substitute to play. This ringer MUST be a REGISTERED and eligible player, residing within the MERC team. The opposing team MUST approve the use of the ringer as well. A team also has the option of playing a man down (with 4). Keep in mind the "ringer" must have been a REGISTERED and ELIGIBLE player for at least 1 week prior to the start of that match week (i.e. if the matchweek is week 3, which starts Nov 18, they must be have been registered by Nov 12. We expect both teams to operate with professionalism and sportsmanship in the event of a needed MERC.

The MERC team is a team of PGL players, dubbed Mercenaries, whom reside within a non-competing team. This team is a collection of players, unable or unwilling to join a competing team and are available for teams to select from, in the case of having less than 5 players from their own team, available for a competitive match. The MERC team captain is Ace and he should be contacted if you wish to join. Teams needing a Mercenary may directly contact one when required.

5. Matches

5. Matches

5.1 Game settings

ALL official matches, must be played on the PGL ladder server, designated for that match. These will be #2 or #3 only. #1 is for PUGs, training and other events only, as it runs a slightly different theater. For details on configurations, see 1. Game Format.

5.2 Maps

Ministry, Market, District, Heights, Verticality, Siege and Station will be the Season 6 official maps. Each week, Team Captains will knock off 1 map each until the last remains, which will be played, starting with the LOWER RANKED team.

In the case of play offs, which will be a best of three (BO3) elimination, the same process will be used, with the lower ranked team banning first, until 3 maps remain. The order of which they are played will be determined by the Season Admins.

5.3 Picking sides

A knife round must be used to pick sides, with the winner electing to stay or swap. No grenades, equipment or weapons of ANY type, other than knives, are to be used. Doing so will result in the team forfeiting the knife round and the opposing team choosing the side. To swap teams, a vote should be passed, rather than players manually swapping sides.

5.4 No Show

If your opponent is not present 15 minutes after the agreed upon time you have the right to open a protest, to request a default win. Please try and be accommodating and sportsmanlike.

5.5 Server Crash

If the server crashes before the first round has been completed the server must be restarted and the score will be reset to 0-0. If the server crashes after the first round, a screenshot must be made showing the current score (you should have time to do this). The server should then be restarted and play will resume with the previous score-line.

If no screenshot was taken, captains may agree on a score to be played from. If there is no record of the score (e.g. screenshot, demo review, etc.) and there is no agreement upon a score to play from, the match will be restarted at 0-0. (REFER TO SPORTSMANSHIP!)

If an Admin is observing the game and no record of the score is kept by the captains the admin may elect to intercede with regards to the score.

5.6 Match Results

Both of the teams are required to take screenshots of the final scoreboard. This should clearly show all the players involved and whether or not the team won or lost the game. In order to assure this is carried out, all players are asked to wait on the server for around 1 minute after the games completion. Disconnecting immediately after the final rounds completion is considered unsportsmanlike and makes the Captains jobs harder. Please be considerate.

5.7 Match Aborts

If a team aborts a match before it is finished, a win may be granted to the remaining team if the match advanced to a point where the end result can be determined. If your opponent should deliberately leave the match, you must Submit a Demo. You are not allowed to enter a result yourself. This can be penalized as a fake result.

5.8 Substitutions

Substitutions may occur after a round is complete not in the middle of a round. 4 substitutions may be performed per game. A substitution is counted for ANY reason one player leaves and another joins. This includes disconnects, crashes, etc. only if a different player joins.

5.9 Pauses

A team will be allowed up to 10 minutes of Time Out, over the course of the game (in increments adding up to 10 minutes). To prevent the timer hitting 00:00 and causing complications, it is VERY IMPORTANT that a RESTART ROUND vote is called after 3 minutes of pausing. If longer is needed, pass the vote and specify CLEARLY that the game is still paused. During a pause, both teams MUST stay in their spawn. We encourage every team to communicate properly if an emergency arises. It is also encouraged to always have a substitute player on hand should a real life emergency occur.
A pause should be called either during the previous round in text, in global/all chat, e.g. “pause next round”, or during the countdown time between rounds. ONLY the team that has called the pause may unpause the game. This is done by passing a RESTART ROUND vote and typing in all chat Live on Restart or LOR.

If a team goes over the allocated pause time (10 minutes total, not just over the 3-4 minutes of a round), a restart round vote is to be passed and play resumed, regardless of whether the paused team is ready or not. If this restart round vote IS NOT passed, then the team that did not call the pause is awarded 1 round. The cooldown timer for the vote is to be waited out, then another restart round vote should be called. If this too is not passed then another round is awarded. If the 3rd restart round vote is not passed then the pausing team will forfeit the match.

Pausing can sometimes cause complications and disrupt the flow of the match. It is encouraged not to use pauses for reasons other than subbing or quick, urgent breaks, such as rushing to the toilet, however teams ARE allocated up to 10 minutes per match. Please be considerate.

6. Miscellaneous Rules

6. Miscellaneous Rules

6.1 Spectating

Spectating matches in-game is not permitted unless it is for official business (i.e. casting). Spectators/players found to have breached these rules and interfered with the game, in any way (not including official referee-type actions) will be punished. A PGL admin is permitted at any time to spectate a match. If any team member has an issue and intends to complain, it is the responsibility of the CAPTAIN to do so. Refer to 4.1 Captains.

6.2 Connection Issues

If players cannot connect to the Official Match Server, contact a Server Admin. If both teams agree to delay their game, they may do so, provided a new date and time is organised within the same week. If at least 4 players from each team can connect to the server, the game must be played.

If a player disconnects unintentionally for any reason during a match, play continues! This includes during the pre-round timer. It is the job of the team with the disconnect, to call a pause if they wish to replace the person or wait for them to reconnect, instead of continuing the play. If you choose to pause at all, it will count towards the 4 sub limit and your 10 minute pause cap.

If a player's ping in is excess of 150 for more 2 rounds, an admin may be contacted and asked to remove said player from the game, with a substitute or MERC player replacing them.

6.3 Invalid/Illegal Rounds/matches

Examples when a ROUND is deemed invalid and the offending team forfeits that ROUND;
> An unauthorised player is spectating
> A team leaves spawn during pause (subject to admin discretion if dispute arises)

Examples when a MATCH is deemed invalid and the offending team forfeits that MATCH;
> Team member(s) cheating/hacking (includes walling, aimbots etc.)
> Team member(s) using macros (All macros are illegal in this tournament)
> Team subs more than 4 times in one game.
> Team manages to use invalid weapons (bypass theater)

6.4 Cheating/Hacking

To be eligible to compete in this ladder, all players must use a clean Steam account and link it to your PGL personal and/or team profile. The Steam profile MUST be public, allowing admins to check for additional information, as per the registration requirements. Cheating/Hacking/Smurfing is not allowed and will result in a removal/ban from the season.

Cheating and/or Hacking includes any unauthorised manipulation of: server configurations and server variables, client configurations and client variables, models, skins, entities, textures, weapon, sounds, or anything else that subverts the PGL rules. Hacking includes but is not limited to: wall hacks, aim bots/auto aimers, speed hacks, ESP, or any other third party program which alters the game in a way that the game developer did not intend for.

Smurfing is the act of intentionally deceiving teams and administrators involved in the competition, whereby a team plays a non-rostered or ineligible player on a) an account not belonging to them, or b) on another player's account.

7. Player Settings

7. Player Settings

7.1 Overlays and Audio Alerts

Overlays and Audio Alerts conveying otherwise-concealed game information are prohibited.

7.2 Custom Files

You may not modify critical game files, i.e. texture or sound replacement circumventing consistency checks and pure settings. Console commands, launch options, and autoexec.cfg settings are permissible to tweak, as long as nothing clearly exploitative is done. ANY evidence suggesting a player is modifying their game to gain an advantage WILL result in a ban from all PGL events.

7.3 Application Tampering

You may not tamper with the game application in a way that causes unnatural functioning. Console commands, launch options, and autoexec.cfg settings are permissible to tweak, as long as nothing clearly exploitative is done. ANY evidence suggesting a player is modifying their game to gain an advantage WILL result in a ban from all PGL events.

7.4 Connection Tampering

You may not interfere with your connection quality or connection settings aside from rare tweaking if there are issues during a match. This rule includes automated tampering systems. This rule includes all systems between you and the server, not just your game client.

7.5 Macro-Like Systems

Anything similar to hotkeys, macros, automated programs, scripts, and/or other systems for executing the equivalent of multiple keystrokes/inputs with a single keystroke is banned in PGL events, including matches and contests. (This includes console inputs. Chat macros and admin/casting tools used legitimately by an admin/caster are the only exceptions.) Any hotkey, macro, script, keybind, and/or automated program that artificially alters the fire rate (such as a fire macro that turns the m16 into an automatic rifle), causes unnatural aim adjustment or movement compensation, or causes other unnatural actions, are against our rules. Field of View Changing Macros are banned. Scroll wheel firing or macros used to fire a weapon are banned. One keystroke per “trigger pull”.

7.6 Player Suicide

Using the kill command during a match is prohibited. Intentionally killing oneself through game actions is forbidden, unless an opponent is legitimately and very feasibly targeted as part of the act. An exception is where a restart round vote has not been called and the time has reached 0:00 during a match requiring 1 team to win a round. In this situation the LOSING (team with the lowest score) must all type “ kill ” into console so as to restart the round. It must then be noted that they have an extra round win on the scoreboard that must be discounted.

7.7 Demos

It is mandatory for all players to record point-of-view (POV) demos for the full duration of all matches without exceptions. The knife round has to be recorded also. As long as one of the players/teams is able to upload the knife round on admin request there will be no consequences for a missing the knife round. In case no player/team can upload the demo on request the player/team may result in a round or match forfeit. Protests regarding missing the knife rounds are not valid. The main part of the game must be recorded by ALL players from start to finish. Failure to do say may result in match forfeit. The purpose of this is to be able to provide a demo in case of disputes or at admins request. This source recorder uses minimal resources and creates a tiny file, unlike other video recorders. All demos must be made through this method.

To record a demo, follow these instructions;
1) Open up the in-game console using Tild (~)
2) Type “record” followed by a space and then a name for your file. (Eg. “record CFvAURmarket)
3) Hit Enter and you should get some feedback that you are now recording.

To stop a recording, open up the console and type “stop”, then press Enter.

7.8 Demo Retention

Demos and any other required recordings of matches should be retained at least until 14 days after the end of the relevant season, tournament, or event.

7.9 Uploading Demos

The original match demo file must be the file uploaded. To upload, visit the Submit a Demo section of our members area.

7.10 Editing Demos

Original match demos may not be edited.

7.11 Disfunctional Demos

In general, dysfunctional or manipulated demos will be treated as missing demos, although the final decision is up to the admin. If the demo is incomplete, the admin will decide whether or not it will be treated as a missing demo.

8. VAC Bans

8. VAC Bans

8.1 VAC Ban Policy

The PGL prohibits players with any VAC bans from competing in PGL events, seasons, and tournaments. Players caught cheating in any game, will be barred from all PGL competitive play. Any player found with a VAC ban on their current or previous accounts*, will be barred from PGL play at Admin discretion. Any player who receives a VAC ban for ANY game, during a PGL season/event, may find their team disqualified from the current season.

* If a player with a VAC ban on a previous account wishes to compete in a PGL event, they MAY be considered at Admin discretion. For the player to be allowed to compete, they must demonstrate their case, that the VAC ban was a false positive or for a game that PGL is not involved in. PGL always strives to ensure a safe and friendly environment for its players, so we take bans seriously. If players with bans on their CURRENT account wish to compete, the ban must be over 1 year old and they will still be asked to purchase the game on a clean account. No player may compete with a ban on their current account. Whether they will be allowed to compete with a new account is entirely up to the Admins.